This morning Susan Bysiewicz announced to CT reporters that she would be a contender in the 2012 CT Senate race. While matching her up against Joe Lieberman (I-CT) we failed to question why she would be announcing this news now, why so early? She may have had a bit of knowledge not disclosed to the public. Lieberman will be hosting a supporter event at the Marriott hotel in his hometown of Stamford, CT tomorrow at 12:30 pm EST to announce his plans to either run for a 5th term or to call it quits. Kevin Rennie of Daily Ructions, a CT base blog predicts that Lieberman will announce his retirement from the US Senate. Tim Tagaris, the New Media Director for SEIU, and former new media director for likely 2012 Senate candidate Chris Murphy (CT-5), is up in arms, looking forward to the opportunity of ousting the often flip-flopping independent. Tagaris tweets today:

“Make no mistake, if Joe Lieberman decides not to run, it wasn’t his decision – the people of Connecticut decided for him.” and

“I will be running a Draft Lieberman movement if he announces his intent to retire tomorrow.”

The more pressing question is why would this notoriously tough campaigner decide to throw in the towel? Perhaps his sights are set on Attorney General Eric Holders spot in the lineup. It is possible that in lieu of Bysiewicz’s announcement and the speculation that Congressman Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney are amongst the many vying for his seat, Joe believes he will lose. Bysiewicz released a telephone poll given to 700 CT voters with her announcement that showed her ahead of possible GOP candidate Linda McMahon and current Senator Joe Lieberman.

The email that went out pertaining to the press conference scheduled for tomorrow came through a (.gov) sent from Press Aide Erika Masonhall. Interestingly, a government employed work email cannot legally be used for campaign-related activities, however if he is announcing his retirement, it is acceptable. With all the facts; early announcement, hometown setting, and the use of government email account, it looks like we could be saying goodbye to Joe Lieberman in 2012.