Help Distribute Goods to Occupations
as an “Occupy Liaison”

The Firedoglake Membership Program’s #OccupySupply fund just received our first shipment of cold weather supplies for occupations across the country. With a lot of hard work and determination, we were able to purchase 5000 pieces of clothing for extreme cold weather, made in the USA by union workers. Simply amazing.

Now we’re looking for leaders to help us get it all out there.

The Firedoglake membership program is a small, unified group of volunteers that’s worked hard to make the Occupy Supply fund the success it’s become. Many of our members have been acting as liaisons to build bridges with their local occupy encampments. They joined the membership program because they feel passionately about what we are doing and want to become more involved in our work.

We are looking for members who want to take an active role in the work of the Occupy Supply fund and become “Occupy Liaisons.” These members serve as a point of contact at occupations in their local area, visiting occupations and sending us feedback about what is truly needed there. Occupy Liaisons will deliver supplies as they become available, take time to listen to people at the occupations to really understand what their needs are, and tell their stories to the FDL community. If you want to help us distribute cold weather gear to occupations across the country, please consider the FDL membership program.

(And, by joining membership, you not only help sustain FDL’s future as an independent news source, but as an organizing and activism hub as well!)

Cold weather has already arrived in many areas, bringing snow and harsh conditions. So many Occupy protests need help to make it through the winter, and we need as many folks as possible to act as Occupy Liaisons between our union supply chain and the demonstrations. It’s a critical job that could help decide whether or not these historic protests survive the next few months.

We’ll be announcing trainings for any and all FDL Members interested in becoming Occupy Liaisons next week. Join us today and will make sure you get an invitation to our Occupy Liaison trainings.

If you can’t join us as a liaison, but would like to send some warm weather gear to occupiers, click here!

Firedoglake is eagerly working to build a humane, sustainable, equitable and democratic future. Help us achieve our goal by becoming a member today.

If you are already a member and would like to be a liaison, please send me an email at

The Occupy Supply project is a project of the FDL Membership Program. You can read about it in Jane’s post from yesterday and in the Huffington Post, Gothamist, or the Tech Herald.