Help the Occupy Supply Fund ship 100% union made, American manufactured
cold weather gear to occupations.

As the UPS truck rolled down Potomac Avenue and parked in front of our small office, our excitement grew. With excitement came fatigue after helping to unload over 120 boxes of clothing in just 4 days. Next thing you know we had a home office that looked more like a warehouse than a place of employment and comfort.

We needed a supply shop! What better than a basement, some shelves, and a little bit over-obsessive-compulsive organization skills?

Over the past week, I have been organizing what is being called my “OccupySupply Shop.” I have neatly organized all the supplies that have come in, minus around 250 blankets that just won’t fit anywhere. Those are getting shipped out quickly. We have an array of hats that are of different colors and materials, so that our supplies are well suited for different geographical areas.

We also have two full shelves, one of which is shown below, of men’s and women’s long underwear. They are amazing base-layer clothing that will be essential to surviving the treacherous winter weather that is already upon many occupations. We also have over 500 scarves, red and black, that are already leaving the shelves quickly.

The supply shop is not just for storage, it is fully functional. When one of our FDL Occupy Supply liaison folks places an order for supplies, a packing slip is created and brought down to the shop. From there, boxes are assembled, packaged, taped up, weighed, addressed, handled with love and care, and shipped directly to local occupations across the country. As you can see, our space is limited, so it is our goal to get these items out to the occupiers as quickly as we can, to make room for the next shipment of items. [cont'd]

We are not a store open for business, but I can assure you we are a shop busy with shipping goods! Let us know what you need and deliver goods to your local occupation by becoming a Liaison to the Firedoglake Occupy Supply Fund.

Click here to help support our efforts in ordering more supplies to send to local occupations!