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Winterizing Needed – Mild Temperatures Making Way for Snowfall

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Help Kevin Gosztola purchase & distribute supplies from the Occupy Supply fund.


Tonight, Jane Hamsher, Myself, and Matt McKinnon of the machinists union will be attending the first committee meeting on Winterizing in Washington, DC. This will be following our webinar with Members about the Occupy Supply Funds plans. It has been a very warm October, leading to little concern about when cold weather sets in.

Unfortunately, the weather in DC, and in other locations is turning brisk. Many of the occupiers in DC are not prepared for the weather that is on its way, and its only going to get colder. They are at least taking a step in a positive direction by holding this committee meeting tonight, but still have a long way to go.

Right now the concern is staying comfortable with fresh clean clothes, and padding, but as the weather gets colder, and winter approaches, it will be necessary to focus on ways to stay warm and dry. If this does not happen, occupiers may start fleeing the scene.

Firedoglake, with the help of Bruce Olsson and Mat McKinnon put together a brochure about how to protest in winter, keeping warm, and identifying cold injuries and illnesses. More drastic measures will need to take place  if these occupations last into the next couple months, such as flu immunizations. Without some of these medications and immunizations, sickness and disease could spread through the occupations like wildfire, crippling the movement.

Kevin Gosztola is traveling around to occupations all across the Midwest and he lands in Columbus, OH this afternoon to drop off some much desired supplies. Below is the forecast for DC this upcoming weekend.

Upcoming weather in DC




Discounts at, the Newest Benefit for FDL Members – Join Today!

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During the month of March, over 500 individuals joined the Firedoglake member benefits program. We are tremendously happy with the results of our membership drive, and extremely excited to see all the people who have shown their support and willingness to help keep Firedoglake running. Our readers and members are what keep us going each and every day, and we want you to know that we appreciate it. As promised, we are working day in and day out to make your membership as rewarding as possible.

This week, we are happy to inform our members that we have joined up with Eco-Bags Products, Inc., a company that sells eco-friendly bags and accessories. In addition to great selection of “green” carry-alls and shopping bags, they also offer wine accessories, water bottles, carrying devices, and travel bags. They are longtime members of Green America and a WBENC (certified woman owned business); they “exist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle.”

We are happy to join up with great companies like this and hope that you will enjoy the benefits. Sign up for a new membership today at ANY level and receive a 15% discount on any purchases over $25 at ECOBAGS. Check out their store here. Join today and receive the ECOBAGS discount along with our already amazing lineup of benefits and discounts, including; CREDO Mobile, Netroots Nation, Chelsea Green Books, as well as a personalized FDL membership card and access to member events.

Thanks again to everyone who has joined. We look forward to many more of you joining our amazing membership community.