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Moving To The Right: Not An Effective Strategy

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Written by Amanda Marcotte for – News, commentary and community for reproductive health and justice.

One of the occasional great joys of political prognosticating is the chance to go back over what you wrote and see how right or wrong you were, though it’s obviously more fun if you were right.  And on October 24th, I published a column where I argued that Republican candidates might find that being hard right on reproductive rights helps them win primaries, but can be devastating in the general election.

I’m happy to say that I was right.  Not every time–some of the most extreme anti-choice candidates did win–but many of the candidates who lost races that they were earlier predicted to win in a walk were candidates whose extreme views on abortion rights were well-publicized.  It wasn’t just Christine O’Donnell, either, though she was probably doomed from the moment it was exposed that her hostility to sexual freedom went beyond opposing rights that make women’s lives better right on to opposing masturbation, a popular activity among men, the ones who generally police and are not subject to the anti-sex police’s policing.  Anti-choice extremism wasn’t what you wanted on your side to beat the Democrats this election.

Sharron Angle, who was assumed over the summer to have an easy win against the unpopular Harry Reid in a state with nearly 15 percent unemployment, was beaten for a number of reasons involving her inability to stay quiet about extreme right wing views on everything from Medicare to gun control.  But her hostility to women who need abortions—even minors who are raped by family members—haunted her, particularly her quote about said victims trying to turn the “lemons” of rape into the supposed lemonade of bearing a child to give it away.  . . . Read the rest of this entry →

Election Aftermath: How Did the SBA List Do?

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Written by Robin Marty for – News, commmentary and community for reproductive health and justice.

The election is over and the analysis begins, and the first thing to do is evaluate how various action groups did when it comes to their proclaimed electoral wins and losses.  First on the deck is the anti-choice action group the Susan B. Anthony List.

Much news media coverage had tried to paint the group as a conservative counterpart to EMILY’S List, despite the fact that seeing women succeed in elections was almost an afterthought to their campaigning.  Now, the election results are in and we can see where their priorities really were.

According to the group’s scorecard, of the 90 races they weighed in on, their candidates won 60 and lost 18.  But once you begin to look at their numbers you see that a majority of their wins are either status quo or putting men in seats that previously held women.

The group endorsed in four senate races: Nevada, New Hampshire, California and Delaware, with New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte being their only win.   All four of their endorsed candidates for governor won, as well as both lieutenant governors and their sole secretary of state candidate. They had split results on Attorney General, winning Florida but losing Iowa, despite the fact that Iowa elected an anti-choice governor and rejected the three judges who voted to allow gay marriage in the state. Read more