South Dakota Healthy Families’ Winning Message

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Written by Kay Steiger for – Information, commentary and community for reproductive health and justice.

This fall, amid furor over the election of Barack Obama to the presidency and Democrats’ widened majority in Congress, three states quietly defeated anti-choice ballot measures, California, Colorado, and South Dakota.

Of these, perhaps South Dakota is the most perplexing. South Dakota is a state with a small population and very few cities. Although the state hasn’t been polled on abortion except for how they might vote on the 2004 and 2008 abortion ban measures, even pro-choice advocates in the state readily admit that the majority of the state would self-identify as pro-life. John McCain and Sarah Palin easily won the state this fall, and an abortion ban with no exceptions passed with vast majority in both houses of the state legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Mike Rounds more than two years ago. To the surprise of the pro-choice movement, the state overturned the ban in a November 2006 referendum by a wide margin. Exit polls suggested that many voters were uncomfortable with the lack of exceptions for a woman’s health and life written into the ban. A poll Read the rest of this entry →