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Congres Voted Unanimosly to Insult the UN & for more Tension with Iran.

By: RichardKanePA Wednesday April 16, 2014 10:55 am

Massive Change. I can’t understand Elizabeth Warren going along with banning Iranian UN Ambassador Hamid Abougaleb which both Houses voted with a voice vote. I can’t understand UN supporting groups and most peace groups saying nothing — is an exception,

Banning Hamid Abougaleb because of his role as a translator during the Iranian Hostage Crisis is senseless because translators are needed in tense situations when hostage takers don’t speak English. and Hamid Abougaleb first role there was translating for a peace maker and second was to helping get the cleaning, cooking and typing staff to be released.
More background information than the above links on the peace efforts,
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Smears surround the ACORN story, Benghazi, Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbile’s defeat. Now with Iranian UN Ambassador the smear is close to the opposite of the truth.

The seems to be a snowballing effect from Mumia abu-Jamal to Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbille defeat, Senators who voted for Debo Adegbille, CONTINUED @,


I go on to make concrete suggestions but first we must report to each other that something overwhelming is happening. At the original news blerp at FireDogLake comments are closed


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Smears surround the ACORN story, Benghazi, Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbile’s defeat. Now with Iranian UN Ambassador the smear is close to the opposite of the truth.

The seems to be a snowballing effect from Mumia abu-Jamal to Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbille defeat, Senators who voted for Debo Adegbille

A Huge Witch-Hunt and Growing Blacklist

By: RichardKanePA Tuesday April 1, 2014 11:39 am

It’s not just One Civil Rights Nominee Squashed

It shocked civil rights supporters and progressives in general when Debo Adegbile was rejected by the Senate after wild stories about him supposedly having been at Mumia supporting events, such as the naming of a street for Mumia in Paris flooded the internet. For progressive sites the disaster supposedly ended with Debo Adegibile being rejected by the Senate. However right-wing millionaires and the FOP have their political guns pointed at the Democratic senators who voted for him. Only Cory Booker of NJ is considered too entrenched to try to defeat. In dire danger of being successfully smeared as a supporter of cop killers are Mark Begich (AK), Jeanne Sheehan (NH), Mary Landrieu (LA) and Key Hagan (NC.),

There is something about Mumia abu-Jamal that is more upsetting to his opponents then racism. The fact that unlike other prisoners he doesn’t have any public complaints about prison conditions and sometimes brutal guards and policies such as being put in the hole. He had however according to his lawyers been at times in the hole. Mumia haters not only claim but totally believe that Mumia doesn’t complain because all his strong outside support makes the guards act cautiously toward him. Somehow no one in the past pointed out that (AIM) American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier has as much outside support and even a billionaire very determined in supporting Peltier. David Geffen stopped his heavy funding of Hilary after Bill Clinton didn’t pardon Leonard Peltier in Clinton’s last days in office. Peltier has lots of complaints even the first part of his book on how much he hates prison. Blaming inmates for trying to curry favor from the guards for beating him up, and complains when his life-requiring medicine, including stress pill, are not delivered to him.

It is possible that Mumia is correct as in his 2001 affidavit (declaration),

that he knew nothing beside that he saw his brother in trouble and running toward his brother saw an officer look back and aim a gun, felt a shot, learning everything else later. Not reported since before December 1981 that his mother was being pressured to stop her son from reporting on the police.

It is also possible that no one involved is interested in the whole truth. But advocates on either side will never come to such a conclusion. Non-directly interested parties staying out of the matter makes the exact details hard to find if one side doesn’t have them all. This, as the anger at Mumia grows as years go by.

History books almost always (with the passing of enough time) decide that the accused didn’t do it in any high profile, hotly debated cases such as the supposed kidnapping and killing of CharleLindbergh’s baby. History and his other son now believe that since Charles Lindbergh’s was a Nazi (and didn’t like having what he considered an inferior child) he smashed his handicapped baby in the head and reported a kidnapping to cover his tracks. A rare exception to the dissenters always being on to something is the Single Bullet Theory of the Kennedy Assassination which with modern more sophisticated retests, makes more and more sense, though information on other leads in the direction of conspiracy have increased. Perhaps Mumia’s arrest will turn out to be a rare exception where the dissenters will end up to be totally wrong. But such a wide held conclusion would not excite, but cool a little, the desire for revenge against Mumia supporters.

Arnold Beverly claimed to have been responsible for the second up-close shot to the face of Officer Daniel Faulkner, assassinating a cop, who was a whistle-blower to the Feds, hired by the mob. This excited Mumia immensely who fired his attorneys and shopped around for one to submit Beverly’s testimony to the court which refused to hear it. At the time international support for Mumia from the USSR and Cuba was so heavy that international tension was rising. If Beverly was sent by the government to disenchant and discourage Soviet support, by referring to Mumia’s memories it

worked. Continued at,

Handy links that shows both sides easier to navigate than Wikipedia, try also Googling the following two links for more,

Hamid Karzai’s Resistance to the US, Good News in Disguise

By: RichardKanePA Monday February 17, 2014 12:40 pm

Afghan President Karzai is in the midst of intensive peace efforts toward the Taliban who are responding to some extent,

Karzai will be out of office in April giving peace efforts a boast.

India and Pakistan are cheering him on but the European and American peace movement somehow is not getting involved.

Several US representatives and government officials are threatening him. Mad at him for releasing terror suspects.

Convectional wisdom is that the US will leave when the economic bubble bursts like the USSR did.

This made bin Laden feel proud that he in his mind is responsible for ending Godless Communism. Massaging terrorists ego with a USSR type withdrawal will haunt the US when it comes to terror for years to come.

Mahatma Gandhi warned against what he called the nonviolence of the weak. Thank you President Karzai with a better option. Let’s get involved.

Dennis Rodman, Basketball, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Benghazi and Innocence of Muslims Porn Trailer

By: RichardKanePA Friday January 10, 2014 6:28 am

Weird things are happening with basketball, skiing and North Korea.

Basketball star and North Korea Ruler Kim Jung Un have a peace plan Basketball Diplomacy.



North Korea’s new ruler is talking cultural exchange, skiing, and peace in Korea spent a lot of money and effort on basketball diplomacy and a fancy new ski resort,

while he prevents the long hoped for meeting between families split by the Korean Cold War, and executes those who dissent his cultural peace ideas. The Moonies must be lobbying Dennis Rodman at least from a distance. and also the new ruler of North Korea likely even early on in his life.


Please check out the list of Unification Church Affiliated organizations in Wikipdedia,

Note the Yeongpyeong Ski Resort, and the several Unification Church organizations whose stated goal is trying to unite South and North Korea.


Kim Jung Un’s father the previous ruler when the US and North Korea weren’t speaking to each other considered the Moonies the unofficial representatives from Washington.


The Moonies lobbed hard in North Korea for several years,


When it comes to the US domestically, much of the fear of the Moonies is gone.


Back in 2008 there was Korea-gate. Congressional representative Donald Fraser sounded the alarm of a massive amount of influence peddling and intrigue going on until the Moonies poured money to get him defeated in the last election,


The following is short important review,


Many think when it comes to America they are only history. However in summer 2012 they were lobbying very hard to get Mitt Romney elected President, To me Moon’s religious claim that Eve ate the seed of Satan in the Apple in the Garden of Eden and God’s seed led to Jesus’s birth making good and evil represent a fight between God and Satan over who gets to father mankind’s children has in my mind nothing to do with Mormon religious interpretation. However they and some others believe that if Romney made Mormonism acceptable then the Unification Church beliefs would become more acceptable as well. The anti-Islam insult film was almost a wild card in the election


The hate porn film ie Innocence of Muslims,

would have been far worse if Muslims were persuaded to watch the premiere showing, leading to making a scene at the theater followed by riots oversea that some would say the local Muslim movie watchers angry comments were helping inflame the riots overseas. Or if a Jewish leader was killed for allegedly being one of the 100 imaginary donors and his relatives joined an Ismophobia crusade. Ambassador Stevens was a risk taker who spoke fluent Arabic and had goals the opposite of Islamophobia, and his family shared his vision. The Navy Seals who died also had relatives who demanded Romney not politicalize their loved one’s deaths. There is something wrong I think with the West to consider framing and smearing a porn actor and some Jewish business leaders has something to do with free speech. Charles Manson wanted to plunge the world into a Helter Skeler race war. The film had an awful potential that never totally got out of hand.


Both the original and dubbed film started with an awkward teen teased because he didn’t know who his father was, being told by his mother that his father came from off the earth. After some porn and anti Muslim insult an awkward kid grew into a blood-spattered sadist. Certainly not something amateur when it comes to baiting anger. Moon’s Washington Times, UPI (United Press International) and others were helping spread the false Benghazi exposes as well.


Way back in 1975 I wrote a take off on a children’s fairytale concerning the CIA using the Moonies. “Life Boat Ethics and the Greedy Little Squirrels” about little squirrels hiring guard dogs to protect their nuts only to be in the end eaten by the dogs. Several of my friends suddenly acted strange when I came around until an old man who used to be with CORE, Jim Williams a retired civil right’s activists told me that the Moonies who had been surrounding him and trying to befriend him told me that their comment to him about me was a threat. Since then I had some incidents where the person, more often two, didn’t claimed to be involved with them but went to great almost unbelievable lengths to harass me. A friend was being baited by people in Jamaica accents to supposedly make a lot of money. He needed a lawyer’s advise because of an upcoming eviction hearing. A lawyer from the Senior Law Center was going to call him on my phone because he was low on minutes on his lifeline cell phone. Instead Jamaicans called every few seconds I was quickly picking up the receiver and hanging up as soon as the caller id said Jamaica. The lawyer’s call never got through. Where the police do there job more than Philadelphia I was told by another person that they were told by the local detective that someone local was likely keeping watch as those with Jamaican accents called. It made no sense if they didn’t have something to do with trying to keep my friend and me in a cornered to call so many times a minute, rather than an attempt to make money. The blogspere only shows Moonie fund-raising rackets only in Japan, but I have had a number of personal incidents that indicate to me that the Moonies are anything but a has been organization. I think articles like

are relaxing too easily.


My hope is that as time goes on, these points will fit into place more


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is Pushing the US the Wrong Way. An Enlightened Way to Deal With It

By: RichardKanePA Tuesday December 17, 2013 2:19 pm

Let’s dwell on Netanyahu being criticized by other Israelis for his ridged responses.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is lobbying the US Congress to increase sanctions not decrease them,

In Israel the debate is lively. A past Prime Minister Ehud Olmert isvery vocal in support of detente with Iran and has some very persuasive arguments well worth repeating. Others in Israel with establishment credentials have spoke out as well. Let’s invite them to the US to speak and make the Israeli Lobby more balanced,

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert‘s comments,

Comments in support of detente with Iran from lesser known Israeli leaders,

Look for future material at,

Finally after years, or should I say after generations, of gridlock and helplessness on the part of international organizations, problems have begun to be dealt with, all the veto powered nations of the UN cooperating with each other. There is also far less hate held by them or spread by them. Obama while not an anti-war President like Jimmy Carter is an anti-anger, anti-hate President. I don’t think that Ahmadinejad ever intended to attack Israel, he just making outlandish comments to get as many Sunni Muslims as possible to feelsolidarity with the Shiite minority in the Muslim world. The present President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani removed anti-US-billboards and makes vague, somewhatconciliatory, comments regarding Israel.

Spreading the present positive karma is part of spreading good policy. I for one am quite hopeful for the future, and hope to be part of it,

More at,

Salvation Army Store Collapse, the Media Dropped the Ball, It was a Setup

By: RichardKanePA Tuesday November 12, 2013 3:23 pm

A building collapsed into an open thrift store despite several complaints to Philadelphia city officials such as no hardhats and a wall still standing above an open store.



One person was arrested when a wall fell into the Salvation Army store killing six. Sean Benschop was the crane operator who was blamed for the disaster, and who is now in jail without bail on a manslaughter charge. No one in the media has talked to him in jail to get his side of the story. He was a self-employed licensed city contractor with his wife as the bookkeeper. She, was also the bookkeeper for Griffin Cambell Construction,the demolition firm that finagled getting Sean listed as a city contractor. Sean was overjoyed that he was finally overcoming his handicap of being an ex-con with a marijuana background because of his stingy boss’s unexpected gift. On the job he was paid cash at the end of the day like the other employees and had no assurance that he would be hired the next day. By being called a contractor he didn’t have workman’s compensation benefits.


The demolition was done extremely cheaply and extremely fast, dawn to dusk. Unless he liked Chinese take out, he may not have know there was an open store next to where he worked.




A lot of gentrification is in the neighborhood, an arson fire at the other adult theater across 22nd St. Papa John’s Pizza lost it’s lease, got it back with a huge rent increase and is now suddenly out of business. After the detester, the structures Salvation Army was continued to be town down to an empty lot in the poring rail.. Perhaps their was structural damage elsewhere more attributable to sabotage for gentrification purposes.


A comprehensive article on who should be blame is at Philly Independent Media,


Systematically making a death happen is not unique,


I recall Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya claiming that the concert producers wanted Michael dead. See the video she is no longer mad at Dr. Conrad,


With my landlord Kalvin Khan for 20 years, I ended up rushing him by cab. or with 911 a few days after each time he started to get a cold. My key to his apartment downstairs was missing and there were no more keys in his key drawer. Kalvin wanted to go with me to the key store instead of me borrowing his last key to copy it. On Saturday December 30 2006 the mail carrier noticed the front door covered for the first time. I again ran into that mail carrier recently,


New Year’s 2007 because the new handyman wouldn’t get off my land phone after asking Kalvin’s new girlfriend is she had a key, I ran to the pay phone in hysterics calling 911, but the police didn’t come the 911 operator said later because another call came right before mine saying it probably wasn’t a problem but should be checked. Later he talked Kalvin’s estate executor into letting him clean up, then getting food stamps, then bringing a lot of furniture in, and putting a For Sale banner for a shady realtor who arranged not to pay anything until both he an I left, he never did and Kalvin’s will said I was supposed to stay and take care of his cat until the cat died.


When I posted that handyman’s name on Oped News as part of this story I was kicked off the blog, which is a problem for the issue as well as myself because Oped News likes to cover Philly news, perhaps someone call alert them to


The more important than the handyman’s name that Kalvin Kahn lived below me at 526 S 45th St Phila PA 19104. Those who get away with murder may not in the end do so similar to old child molestation incidents, coming back to haunt abuser years from now. However no matter what the distant future will decide Sean Benschop is in jail without bail since June 6, 2013


For more detail see,

Time for the Western Peace movement to acknowledge a hurt it hid from accepting. Maybe this is the year the road to peace will be established

By: RichardKanePA Saturday September 14, 2013 4:45 pm


Circumstance has changed things.

Much of the hard US Right no longer ever increasing defense budgets, many call for nonintervention. Russia is now more pro-peace than the US. Much of the formerly independence-seeking Kurds in Iraq now dutifully try to patch up differences between Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis to prevent Turkey from seizing an independent Kurdistan.

One thing that tends to be the same is that many who long for peace still do so. However is the road for peace for the peace movement to continue being reluctant to criticize al Qaeda? A major source of the new antiwar interest with ordinary Americans is the claim the US is siding with al Qaeda in Syria. Al Qaeda is systematically attacking Kurds in Syria who try to claim they are neutral not pro-Assad like al Qaeda claims they are.

The claim, despite most evidence to the contrary, that al Qaeda secretly released the chemical warfare agents is based on the precedent of the assassination of Prime Minister Haki of Lebanon which created a tit or tat bloodbath that was eventually traced to al Qaeda,

Back ground link,

One persistent goal of bin Laden was to bankrupt the west, the secret plans to bomb train tracks in the US that the US recovered after killing bin Laden, no one seemed to note, would cause maximum economic damaged with minimum possibility of leading to a US draft, a cheaper way to fight then the volunteer US army.

I would like to change the subject to what I see as a great repressed hurt among Quakers, Mennonites and pacifist-leaning Americans in general the assassination of Quaker pacifist Tom Fox who went to Iraq to declare peace but was held as a hostage and assassinated instead,

Throughout history, except for the past Western struggle with al Qaeda, people killed in pursuit of peace were revered heroes among other peace-seekers which in no way distracts from Nelson Mendela who succeed at creating a little peace and died of old age instead of as a martyr.

Mahatma Gandhi’s martyr’s death is a highlight of the peace movement. Another successful period of peace activists was 17th century Pennsylvania where back then Mennonite and Quaker activists kept the peace with the Lanape Indians by raising money to pay them for the land that other European settlers were stealing from them. Mennonites revere the martyrs who were killed along the way,

The road to peace is tricky and we of all political persuasions pretend to know far more than we do. For instance Hitler’s infatuation with methamphetamine as a super drug created by superior Nazi scientists has a much to do with the Holocaust as Hitler’s Mein Kampf fascination with the state deciding who should have children and his blame of Jews who Hitler felt should be top superiors instead siding with the weak. Also massive lead poisoning clearly destroyed ancient Rome not decadence,

One factor change that hasn’t been dealt with publicly is in the past military training meant drilling a lot of anger. Today military training consists of playing video games and shooting more accurately without a lot of emotion getting in the way. Near the end of the Cold War the hysterical movie Red Dawn had commies pouring into the US from Mexico, even worse during World War where the Japanese in films looked like roaches and Germans look like rats. Al Qaeda also loves US video games many calling themselves Call of Duty addicts,

all this means a lot less hate in this world whether or not less hate ever gets translated into less killings.

The world I suspect is closer to world peace then any time since right after World War I and World War II, but alas even though I and some other thinkers know this, none of us, as far as I can tell, has a coherent plan to achieve this even though quite a few of us humans know it is a more likely than most years a distinctly achievable or conceivable possibility.

Perhaps war will suddenly seem to make less sense then ever without planning any peace map.

However, if many more of us try to think outside the box especially since past boxes like socialists for less military spending peace and conservatives for ever increased preparation for war fit less well then ever, we might brainstorm some kind of map in the direction toward a real peace in this world.


Free Sunday service on one Philadelphia subway line and other philanthropy

By: RichardKanePA Saturday September 14, 2013 3:08 am

Gift to Philly



There are many freebies and discounts for the Eagles games if the customer learns the code. For instance Monday Sept 16, 2013 for instance with a Dunkin Donut coupon one gets a free coffee, or by signing up for DUNKIN’ MOBILE Text App to Dunkin (386546)


However Sunday the Entire El Train, 10 am to 6 pm, is free in both directions no code needed sponsored by Eagle Light.


One can save on transfers and for instance one can go downtown on the Erie Ave bus and get off at Erie Ave instead of at the EL stop to enter the subway system.


What does this have to do with being progressive? Many causes including ecology groups, poverty fighting groups give away free address labels even a free postage stamp with their fund raising letters, or even a penny on the envelope.


I brought jugs of hot coffee once from my 22nd Street senior apartment by shopping cart which they actually allowed on the bus to the Occupy Philly encampment at City Hall, later to avoid playing around with coffee creamer or milk gave hot tea to them, and to the homeless at other sites.


More recently people got nervous to get a refilled bottle of half frozen ice water, but sometimes even those with money on a really hot day appreciate 9 cents a bottle filtered commercial water (from Santa Clause,



In Philadelphia the Green Party took over the 2nd minority party position of the Consumer Party which disappeared after Max Wiener died while being in a horse race to become one of the three City Controllers.


Earlier he was arrested for giving away a subway token with a dollar fifty donation. After his trial the city changed its policy by selling two token packets instead of 10.


This article belongs on a Philly site more than national FireDogLake, sadly is plagued by the site constantly switching to a historical Front Page changed back every time I email Rich Gardner. I am not computer competent enough to join the collective which at last report is down to one member.


I would like to see the Philadelphia Green Party which I am active with, hand out leaflets and voter registration forms reminding people how vibrant Philly will be if the subways were always free.


PerhapsOprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros could co-sponsor free public transit if the government paid half,

The above Metro link before editing also mentioned Cheri Honkala who was originally a poverty stricken child who was a frequent run away with a drug addict mom.


Luis Rodriguez from rags to comfortable income from being a high paid author I want people to idolize as well. He is running for Governor California as the Green Party candidate and ran for Vice President with the Justice Party,


Thank you Miller Lite with a real gift to public transit, gifts only for those who know the code is a different matter.


It is difficult for rich people to play Santa Claus anonymously because the tax code wants things reported.


Maybe we should lobby for a law that allows for public transit or public schools and poverty needs people could give donations anonymously and still get tax deductions.