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Heroics, not Better Protective Gear Needed in the Ebola Fight

By: RichardKanePA Sunday August 31, 2014 9:28 pm

Historically there was another dreaded disease with a panicky response similar to today’s Ebola panic. Yellow Fever was quickly and decisively dealt with due to the heroic sacrifice of one man and the people he inspired. US Army Corps of Engineer Doctor Jesse William Lazear. Dr. Lazear set a standard for the US and the world that we have not yet been able to live up to. History books had for decades given the credit to his boss the famous Dr. Walter Reed, who did not actually end up staying in a room filled with infected mosquitoes like many of the other Army Corps of Engineer personnel.


Dr. Jesse William Lazear‘sheroics also solved the Malaria dilemma, which is similar to Yellow Fever. Dr. Lazear died proving that the mosquito was responsible for spreading this dreaded disease. Dr. Lazerar was not the only Army Corps of Engineer guinea pig to die.


In the US Yellow Fever victims tying to flee were shot at if they refused to return to the ship or train they were trying to escape in. In Liberia’s capitol city a slum was fenced in until finally just recently allowed to in small groups stay in a holding area for two weeks then, if healthy, leave. Steamships and railroad cars contained areas of stagnant water where mosquitoes could breed, but they thought the passengers were spreading it.


Today, it’s a far cry from Dr. Lazear’s heroic sacrifice. Only American and British doctors and nurses surviving with the help of the experimental lifesaving drug ZMapp which the African victims didn’t get until finally August 31 Liberian physician assistant Kyndy Kobba survived with the help of ZMapp.


We tend to see numbers not individuals suffering the following link makes this horror story very human and personal,




Articles talk of partial immunity even of the blood of patients who recently survived being given to still healthy people who have been exposed to Ebola, but not yet sick which have had some promising results.


I have a totally different idea, some people cured of Ebola can going back to work directly with patients without all the hot protective clothing. If they get sick again they are likely to get less sick the second time they get infected. Too bad Mother Teresa isn’t alive and a survivor of Ebola she would have tried my idea. Another person who would have jumped to this opportunity would have been official Sierra Leone hero-doctor Sheik Umar Khan who saved hundreds of lives from Lassa Fever before switching to fighting Ebola. He used to distinguish himself Mother Teresa style as soon as a patient was cured celebrating by giving them a big hug. Wikipedia speculates in one case the cure time was a little later then to be expected. Dr. Khan’s western educated brother complained bitterly that his brother wasn’t given the lifesaving medicine. If he had lived Dr. Khan would likely be back fighting Eboba but directly not behind the walls of protective gear,


There is good news that a US and a British nurse Nancy Writebol and William Pooley who were flown back to their home country and survived with the help of ZMapp, are planning to return to Africa to continue to fight Ebola,


I hope I manage to contact them and convey the idea of doing this without all the protective gear. Then in the future the concept would be that those who are going back to work receive the special intense treatment were chosen because they would be most productive in fighting the disease, instead of just because they were Americans or Brits even if there are few “Walter Reed” types who end up not doing what they had volunteered to do. Changing the current US – British attitude would improve the moral climate and morale greatly.


At another site I compared Ebola with the horror points in medical history such as Hitler’s and infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele’s gruesome medical experiments,

Updates and comments after comments close here would be found at the above link.


Some people see such horrors as a slum in the capital city of Nigeria being surrounded with bobbed wire to keep Ebola in as something to do with desperate necessity and Hitler just cruelty for it’s own sake. However Hitler believing that crystallized meth was a super-drug created by super-science to make superman more super explains some of the otherwise senseless actions of the Holocaust.


Desperate situations can bring out the best or the worst. Let’s head toward the best.

9/17/14 update and where comments weren’t forced to close, pm-section/28-28/25882-ebola-can-lead-to-free-or-affordable-healthcare-for-all-americans-one-way-or-another


Cowards Prosecute the Small Fry & Leave the Big Time Criminals Alone

By: RichardKanePA Monday July 28, 2014 8:29 pm


There is a hole in those organizing against “Too Big Big to Fail” unlike in Ireland there is no organizing to put these criminals involved in jail.


People complain of Reagan’s secret treason during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and somewhat close to death Dick Cheney being somehow in a bunker during 9/11 and other hints of at least prior knowledge etc. However there are some healthy criminals who never go to jail. Some right now with a scape goat to go trial instead.


Of course there are those who are very sloppy and confess right away like Bernard Madoff, but if they arrrange for someone else to be in the limelight that person goes to jail instead.


The most noted example is Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya was terrified that the record companies were forgiving him for missing a rehearsal by repeatedly scheduling an impossible to meet workload and they were trying to keep Michael away from her and she cried that they were trying to murder him even before he died.


Then his doctor Conrad Murphy was charged with manslaughter, and she want along with punishing him instead until after he was sentenced. Now says he was the fall guy. If she instead had refused to go along with being distracted his arrest, then perhaps the real murderers would have charged. (more recent examples later),



Conrad was finally doing his job and weening the protesting Michael Jackson off of anesthesia, as Michael was looking for anesthesia elsewhere. The night Michael was shot up with an overdose Conrad was distracted, while watching Michael, by an important cell phone call promising him a fantastically better job, as if the person who supplied Micheal’s overdose called to caller to distract Conrad.

Something similar is happening in Philadelphia. The porn store and theater next to the Salvation Army was being raised with lightning speed. However, Richard Basiciano who owned most of the block and had earlier tried to buy the Salvation Army site showed up there the day the store wall fell on the Salvation Army now killing the seventh victim who just recently died of his injuries. Richard Basiciano demanded that the pron store be finished being torn down that day or else no one would be paid.


Immediately the limelight fell on Crane Operator, Sean Benshop who is for over a year in pretrial detention without bail as the prosecutor is in no hurry for a trial date. The people who removed the salvageable pieces before the crane operator got involved seem to be ignored by the media and prosecutor.


There are in Philadelphia prior examples in Philadelphia of important people not being charged such as, football great Marvin Harrison who shot Dwight Dixon Harrison but was never charged,


The state and Federal prosecutor didn’t get involved. However a rap artist went to jail in a jail in Philadelphia in a similar circumstance.


How different it is when lower persons are involved. The Republican State Prosecutor sent a sting after six black Philadelphia politicians, which her Democratic replacement dropped as flawed. Vanessa Jones and the others were offered a supposed bribe to vote against requiring a voter ID, something every Philadelphia politician already believed in. Vanessa Jones likely the poorest member of the state representatives. Vanessa Jones kept begging at the so-called bribe offerer for other things she wanted in no way offering favors for what she was begging for.


Now City DA Seth Williams set upa grand jury for persecution purposes.


likely to happen after the general election. Vanessa is only being challenged is Green Party activist Glenn Davis who is ironically poorer than her, fighting foreclosure and for a while had his electricity shut off and was out of a job since as an activist joining the $15 an hour campaign, McDonald’s scheduling his hours for when he had to take his kids out of day care. The other $15 an hour protesters also had their work schedule replaced with schedule when they were busy elsewhere.


Shame on Seth Williams for ignoring Richard Basiciano, and on former “Tough Cookie” DA Lynne Abraham for ignoring football star Marvin Harrison.


Back to the Salvation Army collapse, and Sean Benshop and and Griffin Campbell facing a murder trial. With Sean Benschop 100% of his official salary was being seized for back taxes, being totally dependent on the cash Richard Basiciano gave him daily. The demand that he finish knocking the Porn Shop wall that day or not be paid put him in a corner.


It looks like, as with Michael Jackson’s murder, history might be repeated with the relatives of the dead victims now happy to see Sean Benschop and Griffin Campbell facing trial, and will likely dwell on the real murderers after those two are in jail. Only by coming to at least to Sean Benschop’s defense could there now be justice against Richard Basiciano.


Richard Basiciano has made a lot of money in the area due to gentrification. It is sad that money the Salvation Army ended up being paid to the victims of the collapse and their relatives, and to giving up the site for a Memorial Park which mysteriously was started but never finished, which Richard Basiciano probably won’t let be built unless it includes a permanent fence to keep the poor out which is only unlocked on ceremonious occasions.


In some ways the following link is a clearer example or highlights the above. ReaderSupportedNews comments never close and unlike in past sites are easier to access.


The new more partisan then ever Benghazi hearings miss what Chris Stevens did right in his service to America and a better world

By: RichardKanePA Tuesday May 27, 2014 11:46 am


Many Americans died as a result of US foreign policy 405,000 in World War II down to so far 6,700 in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. When World War II ended the US could say Mission Accomplished. Since then the only time, if you subtract the blow-back, that the US came close mission accomplished was in Libya where amazingly only four Americans died.

Ambassador Chris Stevens insisted on light security after Gaddafi was overthrown, and systematically refused to take less risk then those who served under him. He, at times, went through the streets in downtown Tripoli without any security escort at all,


On September 11, 2012 there is nothing the US could have done differently that would have mean that in the end less then four Americans would have died as the result of US policy there. No matter what was done differently, there was no hands on policies that could have put Americans in less danger sooner or later. Chris knew and it seems that both Glen Doherty and Tyrone Wood knew and somehow all three of them have friends and relatives who know that a heavy-handed US policy or response just makes enemies.

Let’s turn the new Benghazi hearings into a celebration of the good news that things didn’t end up far worse, the way they almost did, and often does.

Fortunately, incredibly all but one of the relatives of the Americans who died in Benghazi want the world to celebrate their lives and their accomplishments, not morn or seek revenge. Sein Smith’s mother Pat Smith isn’t part of the celebration and feels the government let her son down. Her views are never filtered in with articles about other relatives, for a more complete picture,

Libyans rose up in anger after Chris was assassinated and chased the Islamic militants out of Benghazi. This wouldn’t have happened if the US reacted to Chris’s death with shock and awe Republican style. The militias slowly began coming back to Benghazi threw brutal assassinations and threats, but on May 10, 2014 ordinary people in Benghazi were again making a concerted effort to break into the militias’s bases and again chase them out of Benghazi,

After that things got confusing as Gen. Khalifa Hifter with the backing of many in Libya declared war on the militant Muslim militias and threatened to disarm or defeat them, there is talk of much strife and possible civil war. So far no matter what happens in Libya few are mad at the US and nothing is about to happen that might lead to a conclusion that Ambassador Steven’s policy was a mistake.

Few in America ever resented French help during the Revolutionary War or in the years immediately following it. Many in Cambodia are still grateful to Vietnam for overthrowing the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge brutal dictatorship. I am reluctant to suggest that the US should offer any help to Gen. Khalifa Hifter or should help the faction that claims to represent the central government restrain him. The possibility of the US again getting bogged down in quicksand is quite high.

One argument in Congress is why was the Benghazi attack linked to the anger over the anti-Islamic hate-porn film that had led to riots in many Muslim countries. Whatever the reason, a result was anger among moderate Muslims to the belief that the wrong American was being punished for that hateful movie, it was also believed that the reason that an Afghan school girl Malala Yousafzai was gunned down on a school bus and almost killed instead of just whipped was also a reaction to that hateful movie. This cooled down a lot of anger and the riots as well. Something well worth celebrating, rather then condemning, as a misunderstanding of why he was killed.

That hate-porn “The Innocence of Muslims” was a carefully crafted attempt to create mayhem – a dream to bait a war between civilizations. Mark Basseley Youssef, who claimed to be the director of the film besides a bank fraud arrest, was arrested for transporting large qualities of meth making ingredient ready to cook. So, if caught, it would be considered a minor crime rather then a major one had the delivered meth already been cooked or crystallized. The premiere showing of the hate anti-Muslim porn-flick in Los Angeles was advertised in the US Muslim press as a movie of praise, hoping to create a scene at the theater, then an attack on Jewish philanthropists who were falsely claimed as to be donors. Fortunately the Coptic Christian community in California had time to denounce the film before Coptic Christians back in Egypt were attacked because of it.

Had any Americans been killed who unlike the four who died in Benghazi had relatives who were willing to lash out at the entire Muslim world and join the Romney began hysteria against the Muslim World the war between civilizations that bin Laden craved and the hate film wanted could linger for years like the tension between Muslims and Buddhists in Burma exasperated by the film is still continuing today.

There are questionable tidbits so-far left out of this praise of Chris Steven’s Libyan policy such as whether it was legal . . .

Continued @ a site where comments don’t close, I expect the Benghazi hearings to be contentious after comments close hear at FireDogLake, so I am encouraging the reader to go to another site for later comments,



I would like to enclose a quote from Ambassador Stevens’ sister which shows how much against what Chis would have wanted is in what the Republicans say should have been done. The following is what Anne, Chris’s sister said:

Dozing off in a daze, my phone rang. “The Secretary would like to speak with you,” said an unidentified voice. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came on the line. She explained what happened, and I remember she said that justice would be done. This upset me. Chris was not focused on revenge. He wanted the Libyan people to have a free and democratic society. “I hope this will not prevent us from continuing to support the Libyan people, from moving ahead,” I said to her

Again what some people think are some of the dark secrets of Benghazi are in this link,

Stop Terrorizing Donald Sterling, Opera Don’t Join the Frenzy, Come to the Rescue

By: RichardKanePA Thursday May 15, 2014 9:29 am

The NY Times, retire Basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sports writer Jason Whithitlock stood up to the hysteria, but Oprah Winfrey despite her compassionate insightful skill, just hedged when asked if he Donald Sterling should be fired “Something should be done.”


Come on Oprah, you advanced so far and helped so many along the way by understanding people’s inner demons and hopes and joys. Your comment “plantation mentality”, does not show any compassion for an approaching senile old man deeply distressed that his not remembered comments upsetting especially the players on the Clippers.


Donald Sterling made the saddest attempt to flirt with a girl I ever witnessed. Privacy and freedom of speech is gone for cancer victim media star Donald Sterling. For him it would be good news if he was only harassed by paparazzi. His crying pain to his want-to-be dream girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano, who is hoping to tease him out of more money is being lapped up by the public the way Ancient Romans enjoyed watching people fed to the lions. There are even cardboard cutouts of a smiling Donald Sterling, that people make grotesque games with.

The pain of his cancer, and the stress in his face missing from that smiling caricature.


Oprah Winfrey, you partitioned to be half owner of the clippers. If you said some compassionate world and asked that he remain for a while symbolic part owner, the compromise worked out could be as little as him being allowed to attend the Clippers games he loves.


Donald is right America lacks good role models, but you can continue your rise to helping become even more of one, by continuing to rise in the way you do best.


[ (PS I am in the hospital without a battery adapter. ]


For the rest including links to NY Mike and the two sports aficionados see Reader Supported News, scrawl down to readers articles, 

Blaming Victims especially Donald Sterling – Can Oprah Come to the Rescue?

After comments closed edit, Paul Mooney should be added to those who support Donald Sterling. He is getting more backlash then the people in my article above. Too bad firedoglake closes comments,



Congres Voted Unanimosly to Insult the UN & for more Tension with Iran.

By: RichardKanePA Wednesday April 16, 2014 10:55 am

Massive Change. I can’t understand Elizabeth Warren going along with banning Iranian UN Ambassador Hamid Abougaleb which both Houses voted with a voice vote. I can’t understand UN supporting groups and most peace groups saying nothing — is an exception,

Banning Hamid Abougaleb because of his role as a translator during the Iranian Hostage Crisis is senseless because translators are needed in tense situations when hostage takers don’t speak English. and Hamid Abougaleb first role there was translating for a peace maker and second was to helping get the cleaning, cooking and typing staff to be released.
More background information than the above links on the peace efforts,
Go to page 2

Smears surround the ACORN story, Benghazi, Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbile’s defeat. Now with Iranian UN Ambassador the smear is close to the opposite of the truth.

The seems to be a snowballing effect from Mumia abu-Jamal to Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbille defeat, Senators who voted for Debo Adegbille, CONTINUED @,


I go on to make concrete suggestions but first we must report to each other that something overwhelming is happening. At the original news blerp at FireDogLake comments are closed


Go to page 2

Smears surround the ACORN story, Benghazi, Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbile’s defeat. Now with Iranian UN Ambassador the smear is close to the opposite of the truth.

The seems to be a snowballing effect from Mumia abu-Jamal to Civil Right’s Attorney Debo Adegbille defeat, Senators who voted for Debo Adegbille

A Huge Witch-Hunt and Growing Blacklist

By: RichardKanePA Tuesday April 1, 2014 11:39 am

It’s not just One Civil Rights Nominee Squashed

It shocked civil rights supporters and progressives in general when Debo Adegbile was rejected by the Senate after wild stories about him supposedly having been at Mumia supporting events, such as the naming of a street for Mumia in Paris flooded the internet. For progressive sites the disaster supposedly ended with Debo Adegibile being rejected by the Senate. However right-wing millionaires and the FOP have their political guns pointed at the Democratic senators who voted for him. Only Cory Booker of NJ is considered too entrenched to try to defeat. In dire danger of being successfully smeared as a supporter of cop killers are Mark Begich (AK), Jeanne Sheehan (NH), Mary Landrieu (LA) and Key Hagan (NC.),

There is something about Mumia abu-Jamal that is more upsetting to his opponents then racism. The fact that unlike other prisoners he doesn’t have any public complaints about prison conditions and sometimes brutal guards and policies such as being put in the hole. He had however according to his lawyers been at times in the hole. Mumia haters not only claim but totally believe that Mumia doesn’t complain because all his strong outside support makes the guards act cautiously toward him. Somehow no one in the past pointed out that (AIM) American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier has as much outside support and even a billionaire very determined in supporting Peltier. David Geffen stopped his heavy funding of Hilary after Bill Clinton didn’t pardon Leonard Peltier in Clinton’s last days in office. Peltier has lots of complaints even the first part of his book on how much he hates prison. Blaming inmates for trying to curry favor from the guards for beating him up, and complains when his life-requiring medicine, including stress pill, are not delivered to him.

It is possible that Mumia is correct as in his 2001 affidavit (declaration),

that he knew nothing beside that he saw his brother in trouble and running toward his brother saw an officer look back and aim a gun, felt a shot, learning everything else later. Not reported since before December 1981 that his mother was being pressured to stop her son from reporting on the police.

It is also possible that no one involved is interested in the whole truth. But advocates on either side will never come to such a conclusion. Non-directly interested parties staying out of the matter makes the exact details hard to find if one side doesn’t have them all. This, as the anger at Mumia grows as years go by.

History books almost always (with the passing of enough time) decide that the accused didn’t do it in any high profile, hotly debated cases such as the supposed kidnapping and killing of CharleLindbergh’s baby. History and his other son now believe that since Charles Lindbergh’s was a Nazi (and didn’t like having what he considered an inferior child) he smashed his handicapped baby in the head and reported a kidnapping to cover his tracks. A rare exception to the dissenters always being on to something is the Single Bullet Theory of the Kennedy Assassination which with modern more sophisticated retests, makes more and more sense, though information on other leads in the direction of conspiracy have increased. Perhaps Mumia’s arrest will turn out to be a rare exception where the dissenters will end up to be totally wrong. But such a wide held conclusion would not excite, but cool a little, the desire for revenge against Mumia supporters.

Arnold Beverly claimed to have been responsible for the second up-close shot to the face of Officer Daniel Faulkner, assassinating a cop, who was a whistle-blower to the Feds, hired by the mob. This excited Mumia immensely who fired his attorneys and shopped around for one to submit Beverly’s testimony to the court which refused to hear it. At the time international support for Mumia from the USSR and Cuba was so heavy that international tension was rising. If Beverly was sent by the government to disenchant and discourage Soviet support, by referring to Mumia’s memories it

worked. Continued at,

Handy links that shows both sides easier to navigate than Wikipedia, try also Googling the following two links for more,

Hamid Karzai’s Resistance to the US, Good News in Disguise

By: RichardKanePA Monday February 17, 2014 12:40 pm

Afghan President Karzai is in the midst of intensive peace efforts toward the Taliban who are responding to some extent,

Karzai will be out of office in April giving peace efforts a boast.

India and Pakistan are cheering him on but the European and American peace movement somehow is not getting involved.

Several US representatives and government officials are threatening him. Mad at him for releasing terror suspects.

Convectional wisdom is that the US will leave when the economic bubble bursts like the USSR did.

This made bin Laden feel proud that he in his mind is responsible for ending Godless Communism. Massaging terrorists ego with a USSR type withdrawal will haunt the US when it comes to terror for years to come.

Mahatma Gandhi warned against what he called the nonviolence of the weak. Thank you President Karzai with a better option. Let’s get involved.

Dennis Rodman, Basketball, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Benghazi and Innocence of Muslims Porn Trailer

By: RichardKanePA Friday January 10, 2014 6:28 am

Weird things are happening with basketball, skiing and North Korea.

Basketball star and North Korea Ruler Kim Jung Un have a peace plan Basketball Diplomacy.



North Korea’s new ruler is talking cultural exchange, skiing, and peace in Korea spent a lot of money and effort on basketball diplomacy and a fancy new ski resort,

while he prevents the long hoped for meeting between families split by the Korean Cold War, and executes those who dissent his cultural peace ideas. The Moonies must be lobbying Dennis Rodman at least from a distance. and also the new ruler of North Korea likely even early on in his life.


Please check out the list of Unification Church Affiliated organizations in Wikipdedia,

Note the Yeongpyeong Ski Resort, and the several Unification Church organizations whose stated goal is trying to unite South and North Korea.


Kim Jung Un’s father the previous ruler when the US and North Korea weren’t speaking to each other considered the Moonies the unofficial representatives from Washington.


The Moonies lobbed hard in North Korea for several years,


When it comes to the US domestically, much of the fear of the Moonies is gone.


Back in 2008 there was Korea-gate. Congressional representative Donald Fraser sounded the alarm of a massive amount of influence peddling and intrigue going on until the Moonies poured money to get him defeated in the last election,


The following is short important review,


Many think when it comes to America they are only history. However in summer 2012 they were lobbying very hard to get Mitt Romney elected President, To me Moon’s religious claim that Eve ate the seed of Satan in the Apple in the Garden of Eden and God’s seed led to Jesus’s birth making good and evil represent a fight between God and Satan over who gets to father mankind’s children has in my mind nothing to do with Mormon religious interpretation. However they and some others believe that if Romney made Mormonism acceptable then the Unification Church beliefs would become more acceptable as well. The anti-Islam insult film was almost a wild card in the election


The hate porn film ie Innocence of Muslims,

would have been far worse if Muslims were persuaded to watch the premiere showing, leading to making a scene at the theater followed by riots oversea that some would say the local Muslim movie watchers angry comments were helping inflame the riots overseas. Or if a Jewish leader was killed for allegedly being one of the 100 imaginary donors and his relatives joined an Ismophobia crusade. Ambassador Stevens was a risk taker who spoke fluent Arabic and had goals the opposite of Islamophobia, and his family shared his vision. The Navy Seals who died also had relatives who demanded Romney not politicalize their loved one’s deaths. There is something wrong I think with the West to consider framing and smearing a porn actor and some Jewish business leaders has something to do with free speech. Charles Manson wanted to plunge the world into a Helter Skeler race war. The film had an awful potential that never totally got out of hand.


Both the original and dubbed film started with an awkward teen teased because he didn’t know who his father was, being told by his mother that his father came from off the earth. After some porn and anti Muslim insult an awkward kid grew into a blood-spattered sadist. Certainly not something amateur when it comes to baiting anger. Moon’s Washington Times, UPI (United Press International) and others were helping spread the false Benghazi exposes as well.


Way back in 1975 I wrote a take off on a children’s fairytale concerning the CIA using the Moonies. “Life Boat Ethics and the Greedy Little Squirrels” about little squirrels hiring guard dogs to protect their nuts only to be in the end eaten by the dogs. Several of my friends suddenly acted strange when I came around until an old man who used to be with CORE, Jim Williams a retired civil right’s activists told me that the Moonies who had been surrounding him and trying to befriend him told me that their comment to him about me was a threat. Since then I had some incidents where the person, more often two, didn’t claimed to be involved with them but went to great almost unbelievable lengths to harass me. A friend was being baited by people in Jamaica accents to supposedly make a lot of money. He needed a lawyer’s advise because of an upcoming eviction hearing. A lawyer from the Senior Law Center was going to call him on my phone because he was low on minutes on his lifeline cell phone. Instead Jamaicans called every few seconds I was quickly picking up the receiver and hanging up as soon as the caller id said Jamaica. The lawyer’s call never got through. Where the police do there job more than Philadelphia I was told by another person that they were told by the local detective that someone local was likely keeping watch as those with Jamaican accents called. It made no sense if they didn’t have something to do with trying to keep my friend and me in a cornered to call so many times a minute, rather than an attempt to make money. The blogspere only shows Moonie fund-raising rackets only in Japan, but I have had a number of personal incidents that indicate to me that the Moonies are anything but a has been organization. I think articles like

are relaxing too easily.


My hope is that as time goes on, these points will fit into place more