There has been incredible spy stories in the past but no one before was willing to get his friends killed as part of his cover,

When the FBI infiltrates the Mafia, they are ready to instantly break cover and arrest the person they were following as soon as a supposed Mafia member (the FBI plant disguised as a fellow Mafioso) was supposed to kill someone. Al Qaeda can as part of their cover, it seems, have the US government kill a few low-level al Qaeda leader just to establish cover. Five years ago four top al Qaeda members escaped from a heavily US guarded prison in Afghanistan. One soldier said even if they had wings they shouldn’t have been able to escape,

I think al Qaeda is being underestimated. Perhaps there was no terror attack for years because none was scheduled, for several years except perhaps for a sleeper-cell scheduled to go off when the US sends troops to Pakistan.

Bin Laden vowed to force US troops off of sacred Muslim soil, but Bush withdrew US troops from Saudi Arabia in 2003. Before 2003 there was reported “suspicious noise” over and over again in Los Angeles, as I believe bin Laden was preparing a terror incident to coincide with the next big Los Angeles earthquake.

Under Bush the US and Soviet Nukes were still at hair trigger alert, I am sure bin Laden was dreaming of baiting an accidental nuclear exchange.

Maybe Nidal Hasan was sent to kill his fellow solders instead of killing in an airplane or train because lack of fresh troops to send overseas is the US’s weakest link not transportation centers. And al Qaeda frustratingly wants a US antiwar movement that hates US soldiers.

A false story is that bin Laden recruited Obama as a terrorist when he was six-year-old long before the Russian War in Afghanistan which would have meant bin Laden would have been clairvoyant among other things.

Russia’s top spy was Robert Hanssen who was disguised as a right-wing fanatic a member of Opus Dei, who was constantly trying to recruiting people in right wing causes. This would be like someone who ranted and raved like Dick Cheney actually being a secret al Qaeda operative, which would make a lot of since Cheney is at least unwittingly helping bin Laden create the poetized world bin Laden wants. Getting people mad at Hamas and Iran which has nothing to do with al Qaeda. When al Qaeda tried to get involved in the west bank it ended up fighting with Hamas leaders. Google Al Qaeda declares war on Hamas. And one, it turned out, partly exaggerated head line was that “al Qaeda declares war on Iran”, (Google it). Al Qaeda loves to infiltrate Pakistani and Jordan intelligence and I bet they are trying to infiltrate US intelligence as well. We should be suspicious of al Qaeda members disguising themselves as anti-Muslim fanatics. However the second most successful Soviet Spy was George Koval who stole the atomic bomb not Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were falsely executed for doing it. He was very quiet and showed no sighs of being in any way political.

A secret during World War II is that many feared the Nazi’s would win. Today bin Laden plans to fight for centuries, and may very well succeed in totally destroying Western Democracy, especially since those who think they are stopping him are unwittingly helping him do it.,
Richard Kane
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