The peace movement is in the state of shock and denial that its claim that the bin Laden threat was mostly smoke and mirrors turned out not to be true.

I see a lot of resemblance between bin Laden and Charles Mansion. I am glad Charles Manson is still alive, though I hate his dream of Heltler Skelter. I think bin Laden’s dream was closer to Manson’s than bin Laden’s supporter or distractions realize. Humans have a tendency to admire people after they are dead, if Manson was dead there would be Helter Skelter want to bes.

Heavy cheering, partying, and drinking followed the end of the World Wars. From the caricatures, of Germans and Japanese that looked like rats, I suspect not only relief  and pride but a lot more jingoism in the past. Far more than today.
Truman wanted US troops to stay in Europe and they weren’t about to listen, Cheering “We won”, and troops staying in Afghanistan where bin Laden hasn’t been in a decade is a disconnect. I think Barbara Boxer’s resolution that US troops be out by July is the wrong resolution.We need a unilateral drone cease-fire, and at least a few people to apologize to after examining the bin Laden computer tapes. Not a cent more in any defense expenditure until these condition are met will strengthen US defense.

America is powerful and now greater than even, but our Achilles Heel, of a looming worthless dollar and an America desperate for even food, is closer and closer in the horizon.

I felt tremendous relief even though I oppose Capital Punishment and even prefer the South Africa Truth Commission to the Nuremberg Trials. A bound bin Laden trying to wiggle himself out of a helicopter in flight and trying to push a Navy Seal out in the process is too much to ask of the valiant Seals. A limp unconscious body presents different problems while looking out for bullets from the ground, and missiles from the air.

Somehow for some the lack of booby traps and suicide gear means he was a retired old man, but I think he was prepared for a joint US Pakistani force to search every mansion in Pakistan, Any tunnel would make the searches check more thoroughly to see if they found the right house. Did one helicopter actually crash on its own or could a low caliber bullet have hit it from a house next door?

I was a peace diaper baby. In Washington DC in 1965 I held a sign saying “Negotiate Now” There was a clip out ad in the newspaper to send to President Johnson asking him to negotiate. Rather than try to post the two page long google link, (( click on it at the following site, to see that ad and a letter saying China might intervene, but of course we could win but it makes more sense to negotiate,
Rather than no more war drums, things are ripe for a repeat of these early efforts.

Afghan President Karzai begged Saudi Arabia to mediate a peace conference between the Afghan Government and the Taliban. They said not until the Talban renounce bin Laden. Perhaps the Saudi’s could start negotiations now.

A few months ago the US payed blood money to a CIA contact in Pakistan, who protected his bribe money by shooting the robbers. About two years ago the US without request payed a small sum to an Afghan Taliban peace leader who was asking the rest of the Taliban to negotiate with the Americans, but was turned in as an al Qaeda leader. The peace movement claimed if proves water boarding doesn’t work but an al Qaeda official without any terror turned in the names of several al Qaeda officials than in a meeting with top CIA officials blew five of them up with a suicide bomb. I suspect any Taliban fighter who tries to retire early without permission name is turned over to America to attack as a terrorist. The US should offer real compensation to the relatives of that peace leader to show the US is truly sorry. Please someone try to Google this information I can no longer find his name or the town he came from.

I hope someone can convey the message of working for proud peaceful American if I didn’t succeed at doing it. Is the country most proud of itself, Switzerland or Australia? With the right policy the US can become more proud as well.

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To change the subject slightly, I keep hearing a America getting more and more evil, and even Holocaust like in its foreign policie

President Andrew Jackson attacked Native Americans who had long since surrendered to the white man. Later Native Americans were given the blankets of small pox victims at the end of World War II, the city of Dresden Germany was flooded with gasoline and set abaze, killing the people in the bomb shelters, in Japan, the city of Nagasaki was nuked just to see if a differently designed nuclear weapon worked, in the Korean War refugees fleeing South were shot at to prevent any Communists from escaping with them in Vietnam soldiers took two peasants up in an airplane and demanded that the first one tell Then the second peasant grilled. As the US gets more reasonable we keep seeing ourselves as more and more evil.
Richard Kane in Philly PA