A lot of good news happened when bin Laden was apprehended, complaining about lack of perfection, I think will lead to less perfection, not more.


The US started to turn over a leaf in a better direction.


We didn’t coolly play with buttons on a computer screen risking the lives of bin Laden’s wives and children, yet no Navy Seals got hurt. When the Spanish police with percussion grenades thought they apprehended the masterminds of the Madrid backpack bombings, the terrorists blew themselves up killing a Spanish officer. As the Americans ran up the front causeway since the helicopter crashed they were terrorfied that they were going to have gasoline poured all over the place, yet they didn’t panicky fire at the kids.


Le’ts look at what the world might look like if the second helicopter didn’t crash. Instead of being disappointed that he lost his Rambo image in the end, his followers would be furious of what they would have seen as US lies to discredit a true martyr. A helicopter crash meant they couldn’t believe he was caught off guard.


The helicopter crash prevented the US from taking the wife and kids into custody. The rumors if not more of the US at least psychologically abusing helpless little children who just watched their father being shot apart into a bloody mess, would be an inspiration for terror.


Let all of us, those who cheered on ground zero, and those who believed they had nothing to cheer, get together and cheer that fortunate helicopter crash.


Meanwhile there has been a reconsideration of the war by Cliff Stearms, who was a super­hawk now thinks the war a bankrupting waste, is suddenly of little interest by those complaining about the cheering, following bin Laden’s death. India is pushing peace proposals with is noticed mostly in India and Afghanistan, because Western peace people are discussing the cheering instead,


I personally tried to get excitement going,




A little more good news and the US might not bankrupt itself after all, some more cheering might help.