Once, Born with a Silver Spoon in One’s Mouth, was an important political issue. This year only Cheri Honkala the Green Party VP candidate talks accurately about her upbringing. Paul Ryan claiming his family would have been hard up except for his grandmother’s social security wasn’t challenged by Joe Biden, with a filthy rich upbringing as well. If he did, he would have won the debate for President Obama. The Ryan family was into oil money bef0re the Bush’s were.



The extended VP debate on Democracy Now was no better. Lois Rodrogues totally left out his totally humble background. He doesn’t mind talking about it elsewhere. How could he have missed Paul Ryan’s fraud. In the extended Presidential debate Rocky and Jill built each other up. Jill Stein the Green Party Presidential candidate came from Hyde Park a well off suburb. Not well equipped to call Romney a filthy rich spoiled brat.


The one bit of good news is that Martha Raddatz the moderator of the VP debate did her job. No one else did. That is unless Romney’s and Ryan’s job is to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes which they did with flying colors. Someone got to start talking about the filthy rich monsters hogging it all. It is a shame that so many of the alternative voices are silent as well,