There are a lot of celebrations this November! Young people do vote after all! Gay Marriage is much sweeter at the ballot box! Islamophobia lost, (“ top-muslim-hating-lawmakers-defeated ”)!


But there is one celebration that has not yet sunk in. Peace won with one exception, Shelley Berkley lost, made worse because arguments over automatic defense cuts was part of the debate.


There was a hysterical Virgina ad, “Anti-Defense Organization Comes To Kaine’s Aid”,

The local Republicans not understanding the antiwar climate boldly posted, as proof the Council for a Liveable World’s website page links at every section they condemned Kaine.  Many of those clicking on the links ending up thinking highly about, even joining the Liveable World campaign. Hate material turning into recruiting material for the opposite side. Livable World won big around the county, they lost with Shelley Berkley by claiming she took away potential defense jobs but elsewhere where Liveable World lost I discovered something incredible, peace won instead of the peace organization. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, voted against Afghan troop surge funding, earlier against continued funding of the Iraq War and the Cuban embargo, but not for the UN, which Liveable World wanted.


Peace Voter had an ad where peace leaders were lecturing Kathy Boockvar running for a PA Rep as she was enthusiastically agreeing with what they were telling her, while her opponent ran ads that she would blindly support Obama’s wars. Since she had been prominent in telling people that she urged President Obama to stop Ahmadinejad from speaking at the UN during Yong Kipper, the peace leaders forgot to lecture her about the importance of the UN. Again Peace Won even when the peace organization was wrong,


Michael Baumgartner not on any peace site list called for an immediate end to the Afghan war and won.

Since the anti-Islamophobic scorecard was 100%, this is a basic change in US attitude. America finally learned that you don’t make yourself more secure by baiting, taunting and insulting those you disagree with, such as depicting historic religious leaders as porn stars. The film created a different new world then the film expected. The October Surprise totally failed in making Democrats look weak on foreign policy besides failing to get Romney elected.



Today, not when Obama first began serving in 2009, is the time for celebrations about peace victories, including victories in mental attitude? The only major bad news is that third parties didn’t gain permanent ballot status in many places. The peace movement had high hopes with Obama and apparently is afraid to hope again.


Let’s demand that Liveable World besides celebration their wins and the free publicity the right-wing gave them celebrate their so-called loss in Arizona to the Ron Paul wing of the Tea Party Jeff Flake. Let’s all celebrate and demand that Congress immediately follow the people’s wishes.


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The reason for the continued elsewhere is the discussion of potential bad news like trying to leave while US paychecks are not being paid and al Qaeda feels particularly empowered would be bad news.