Pass on the good news.
Tremendous election excitement is in the air, exit polls differ whether Obama won the Florada Cuba vote. Perhaps elderly Cubans won’t admit to a camera that they voted for Obama, only on a check mark on a peace of paper, put in an exit poll box, meanwhile two pro-embargo Republicans were booted out of office by Cuban-Americans.

Ron Paul Peace Libertarians did well in the elections,

The progressive peace group, Coalition for a Liveable world won many victories,  Bob Kerrey and Dean Heller were expected to be a symbolic races, money should have been poured into what wasn’t expected to be winning races and Richard Carmona lost to someone who actually voted against Afghan surge spending and worked hard against the embargo of Cuba. Both Ron-Paul-peacenicks and flower-power-peacenicks oppose the embargo of Cuba and oversees war spending. They could all get together this November 13 and announce no more embargo on Cuba and if necessary filibuster at the earliest moment,

There is a problem ahead. What would happen if the week that government workers were wondering if they would get the next paycheck, the libertarians and peacenicks said no funding for war this week, in order for a weekly or monthly debt extension increase to pass? Al Qaeda would suddenly feel extremely empowered, maybe almost as much as when the Soviet Union collapsed and start trying to seize US equipment in Afghanistan. Normally the Taliban would declare war on al Qaeda for not letting the US leave, but it the currency collapse going on is great enough, the Taliban wouldn’t be furious at al Qaeda for only wanting peace after total western currency collapse.

Every November 13 Cuba introduces a resolution to the UN to end the US blockade. Every year the US votes “NO” to an almost unanimous resolution,

If the boycott ends today the stock market will sore and the US be in at least slightly better financial shape.

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