The Peace Movement Needs Pre-Planned Responses to Events in the News.


The peace groups first response was to just watch and listen to the news on the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Some groups are quick to respond, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is always ready with a prepared response, of the science community and the latest asteroid-meteor combinations only praising the subsidizing of amateur astronomers was prepared ahead of time.


Peter Wlasuk, a plumber, found visits to one of his repeat customers somewhat eerie. A beautiful, tastefully decorated house with a low-light, windowless basement with a bedroom and bath attached filled with posters of a tanks and guns. The boys liked to talk gun trivia. The boys later Lanza by himself seemed to spend his life down there with computer video games.


Adam Lanza was obsessed with one video game. So was Mohammed Merah who attacked a Jewish Orthodox school in France, Anders Breivik who spent six months, day and night, before stopping to plan an attack on a youth camp and the Norwegian equivalent of the White House bragged about the same video game Call for Duty helping him practice for his massacre,


I would like to see peace groups and anti-gun groups have a joint meeting where they would watch sections of Call for Duty on a big screen then discuss it afterwords.


In schools with the most gun violence many kids think their only choice in life is dire poverty or getting a job with a gun in armed forces, freelancing with a gun on the street or with a gang. Most high profile incidents involved people planning to have a job with a gun, or have one or had one with the armed forces. There are complaints about the School-to-Prison pipeline and that cops in school makes the gun culture more overwhelming as kids that have cursing matches or much less end up in handcuffs. Armed Forces recruiters frequenting the place is part of the gun culture in poor schools. Let’s have a joint protest picketing, at an Armed Forces recruiting office, then march to the closest armaments store as part of the same protest.


All the articles like this one ignore the one exception, James Holmes who liked to play Batman Villain using a live audience at a movie as a prop, but who earlier had spent every moment he could playing rock star on the Guitar Hero game on a silent guitar. I plan to deal with specially with it instead of an earlier ramble in,

Guns, Gun Posters & Gun Games, the Real Lesson of the Sandy Hook Massacre


The following is the missing link to Gun, Gun Posters &

There was a lot more accusations against gun video games and gun experience in the armed forces before the James Homes attacking at a Batman movie, whose favorate role was as a rock star in Guitar Hero. We refuse to blame computers however commercials in the old addiction to TV day and night kept coming back to the real world through commercial breaks this would not be giving up intense technology to mandate intermission brakes in the action.