Twelve years ago when a formerly timid, easy-going, homeless lad Boyd Malvo was arrested for being the junior member of the Capital Beltway sniper team, experts concluded that he was brainwashed by being pressured to engage in endless violent video games, and his mentor keep him isolated.


Since then some computer addicts sometimes spend 16 hours a day or conceivably nearly 24 if their sleep is in dozing off in front of a computer screen. We usually know about it after one falls to the ground from dehydration or suffers a blood clot or with ’Call of Duty’ where everyone dies, players can get water then play again. However, news incidents with Call of Duty occur from Mark Bradford, 46, and father of three breaking into his neighbor’s house to choke his 13 year old game competitor in the throat, to the mass killing of children at a Norwegian youth camp, a French Jewish Orthodox school, and a Connecticut elementary school.


No one wets or soils their pants so there must also be sleepwalking going on without taking water while sleepwalking. People, even non gamers, sometimes wake up and discover they sent a gibberish message to a friend, even while driving.


I wonder if one can shoot a gun not just use the bathroom or drive and text while asleep.


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Ralph Nader is speaking out against violent video,