Visualizing Our World and Visualizing Solving Our Problems

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Visualizing Money and Commerce


Google the following and click on quick view, GOOGLE THIS PPT FILE,

visualizing pennies and large quantities,


Time visualizing,



Visualizing scale


Visualizing of the danger of genetic engendering, Insecticide added to corn for animal feed cross polinated by the wind, to threaten honey bees, and  may jump to corn and rice


When it comes to visualizing four dimensions, the old standby is Flatland, Where in a two dimensional world certain members appear to have magic by using the third, jumping over barriers appearing to others to be passing right through walls. Actually it is more like us in this corner of the universes living on a frozen lake as amoeba-like intelligent blobs of putty that slither around the surface of the frozen lake with little understanding of height, in our 3D world  not viewing time any better then those in the two dimensional frozen lake world.  

Strange science of the Collider experiment,


Visualizing solving our problems: This month close a base in Europe and end an embargo.