Republicans who want Defense Cuts sacked from the Budget Committee and other Committees

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There are two Tea Parties, the Ron Paul ites and those who want to spend more and more on National Security and throw away the key domestic policies.

I don’t think Rick Sanatorum was actually trying to be President, he was trying to stop Newt Gingrich and smash the new solidarity of the 99%. The is no such thing as a 99% if the balancing class gets hot button issues to be the deciding issues.

President Truman before he was President (and before the Hitler Stalin pack) wanted to alternate between helping Hitler and helping Stalin until both countries were destroyed.

Lets support the efforts to stop Defense Spending Pork by Justin Amash, Tim Huelskamp,  David Schweikert and Walter Jones. Remember Walter Jones worked day in and day out with Dennis Kucinich to end the Iraq War. And in the Senate Rand Paul also wants to cut military spending.

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Peace is possible if he can unite in spite of hot button issues.