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Green Ceasefire not Gun Control

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America needs new vision. In the last election “A Green New Deal for America”, which the Green Party presented didn’t manage to inspire America. It is time for a US ceasefire, domesticity and internationally. Trying to ban automatic weapons the immediate result is a lot of new people trying to buy and otherwise obtain them. It took years for gun violence to go down in England.


Americans are united in wanting to do something about senseless violence, can we come up with something positive? Let’s get a new third choice movement started.


Suicidal maniacs both political and non political have plagued our society of late. The fact they were killed or managed to die seems to inspire others to copy them. However no one dreams of spending the rest of their lives in jail. Let’s rune this fantasy by making sure they would live. Spider-man comics started out with spiderweb weapons. There is also stun guns and percussion devices. Adam Lanza would have stopped after he killed his mother if he feared there was something at the school that could make him helpless to be kept locked up like he was trying to avoid.



Suggestion number 2.

Keep guns locked up. Bank robbers, store clerks and police officers want guns to protect themselves with if someone was shooting at them. In England they wouldn’t fear being shot or crave a gun. If guns had to be locked up. Police officers would not be shot with their own gun. They were clamoring for finger print trigger locks but so far the terminology isn’t there.


However there are fingerprint gun boxes. Some can hold a small gun as a side pouch. Crimes like robbery suddenly are considered extremely serious if a robber has a gun. If a crime suddenly was considered more serious when a gun wasn’t locked up a bank robber who couldn’t afford a gun box would carry a gun in a padlocked duffel bag with only one move needed to open the combination lock. The gun with almost everyone would be locked up some of the time just like almost everyone wears a seat belt in certain situations.


Insurance companies insist that bank robbers aren’t apprehended by store or bank clerks and push that customers don’t interfere as well,


Internationally insurance companies do the same with piracy. They know that if a robber is stopped by being shot the next time thieves will be far more trigger happy and the insurance company in the end suffer substantial loses. The female officer who managed to wound not kill the Army Psychiatrist at Fort Hill massacre purposely saving his life managed to stop a lot of copy cat incidents if that is what al Qaeda wanted, by paralyzing not killing.


Places like Philadelphia were a lot of people aren’t allowed to own guns. Timid people, girl friends or neighbors are pressed into buying one, or fear, or the no snitch ethic prevents a neighbor from going to the police after they were robbed of their gun by an acquaintance.


I would like someone to try to do a survey on how many people who crave a gun to try to prevent themselves from being shot by someone else, actually don’t manage to get one,

The amount of lives saved from outlawing illegal guns may equal the jail time that possibly offenders are serving.


Our society was ravaged with a war on drugs and a war on terror. Finally the prison population began to go down. Now we suddenly have a war on guns almost destined to make prisons overcrowded again.


December 10, twenty two US Representatives both progressive Democrats, and libertarian leaning Republicans signed a joint letter calling for cuts in the Pentagon. Then came the Connecticut elementary school massacre and they spit down the middle over gun control.



Gun violence went down 60% in El Salvador, far more in Northern Ireland after the ceasefire and truce.


The big problem in Afghanistan is that no one in the US, hawk or dove, is paying attention to what is happening on the ground. What does Karzai and the Taliban each want? Afghan President Karzai represents his tribe, the city of Kabul and the Shiite minority in Afghanistan. The Taliban represents those who crave the traditional rural way of life. The Haqqani Network is Muslims who hate India and Afghan President Karzai willingness to be friendly with India, and Indian businessmen. Maybe the US could call a unilateral ceasefire and stay in the US bases as long as Kabul and the Shiite areas of Afghanistan are not attacked and let the others negotiate among themselves. It worked in El Salvador and Northern Ireland whether or not this would work in Afghanistan. At any rate a war on Guns would mean that the US is in the middle of another war, while economic survival is already threatened by the drug war the war on terror and all the other wars the US has managed to be in the middle of.


Obama started out with a bring us together ideology, now he has played hot button issues with the skill of Bill Clinton. More details at the following link,


Comparing wanting a cell phone in the car to wanting a gun to protect oneself with,


We are finally saying No to the drug war and the war against terror. Don’t replace it with a war against guns. Let’s work for a Green Ceasefire in America.


The Republican High like pure Meth climaxing with Romney’s pep talk high

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The Republican convention was full of speeches of hope, of those who started out with almost nothing and made something for themselves and their children and hope for America’s future added in. Many would be tempted to say what huee, pointing out among other things that Senator Rubio’s father ran away from Batista, before Castro, and Bain Capital was backed by the death squads from El Salvador. But the Republicans are right America badly needs hope.


However, what about the hope that one of the richest Americans in the world Bill Gates organizes with other rich people to want to pay their fair share in taxes, or the hope that a dirty tater-clothed abused child,

Oprah Wintfrey, is in a country where she can become a media magnet, while helping many ordinary Americans ploy though the many problems of their lives, while she spends her money helping many home and abroad in making something of themselves. Or the hope of a homeless mother,


Cheri Honkala, found a niche helping other homeless people find shelter so successfully that she is now the Vice Presidential candidate under the Green Party. A party where Jill Stein is the Presidential candidate that will make this an America that one can be truly proud of more than even right after World War II ended.


But I can’t completely leave out what is ominous. Right-wing Cubans would cheer the kind of help that the Iraqi government in exile talked America into doing, to overthrow Saddam, than hate us afterwords. Romney would also overthrow Iran in the process, and wants to argue with Russia again.


The Green Party truly represents hope but Obama now represents a sober understanding that a Romney world of much more military adventure could be tragic for this country if not much of the world as well.


So Obama’s now 9% lead over Romany in Pennsylvania gives me hope that it will still be over 5% lead a week before election day so I can proudly vote for real hope for America, Jill Stein, and I am hoping that Obama’s lead will be over 5% in many of the other states as well so many other Americans can vote for an America one can truly be proud of.


One thing I think Romney is right about when the subject of legalizing drugs comes up. He warns never to legalization Meth. And I think he is right but the Republican high is like pure Meth. The drug cartels that are shooting up Mexico are high on Meth. Germany scientists invented Methedomene and Hitler was proud that a super race invented a super drug to make super man even more super. He and the SS were as high as a kite and free meth was available in every factory in Nazi Germany and pumped on the soldiers as well.


Lets have hope and pride that we live in a state where Obama’s lead is over 5% and hope that we can be proud that most of the rest of the country will wake up where most of the country doesn’t have to sober up and choose between the lesser evil after all.


I hope and expect to be proud of my vote for President of election day, and in local elections where a third party isn’t available vote for the better Democrat but picking in some race one Republican to vote for, and I proudly expect to be able to talk many of my fellow Americans to do the same. But I won’t be proud unless I convince at least 10 unregistered Americans or without picture voting ID to get them and feel inspired to vote and I hope and expect to convince everyone I inspire to do the same.


See one can be high without snorting themselves up with Romney Meth.


In Philly PA, Richard Kane

We Can affect a Secret Democratic vote of Leiberman, but not by screaming

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If people would threaten to register Green or Libertarian, and vow in future elections to choose one non-Democrat who is on the ballot. We can all have unity including the non-Dem-Republicans.

PS if you check my name at FireDogFox, you will find a somewhat incorrect submission because when updating it, the introduction was somehow missing. Then it was too late to correct it again.