The Amash Rebellion and

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There is an excellent article in The Amash Rebellion I wish I had the authority to reprint the entire article here,

Americans are sick and tired of war, they are incredulous when they see their own country going down the tubes while our preening politicians plot “regime change” in faraway lands, and they positively hate “foreign aid. So why – if the US is a “democracy,”   . . .

44 Representatives signed a letter proposing Defense cuts (See above link). It’s bipartisan if you are in their district thank them. If not let’s demand our Reps sign a new letter joining them.

Click on the above link for names than if your rep. is not on it demand they join the letter asking for defense cuts.

Also there is an effort afoot to fire House Speaker John Boehner. rge your Rep. to pick a new speaker who were among the signers of the letter demanding Defense cuts.

We mustn’t let the retirement rise, unfairly attacking those who are now age 64 with little immediate affect on revenue. However readjustment the cost of living increase formula and at the same time making a 30 to 60% cut in the military budget would be better than keeping today’s constantly increasing military budget and today’s cost of living increase formula at the same time, because it is better to have a small piece of hardy cheese cake, than a constantly rising amount of whipped cream, that will all blow away when the currency collapse.