The People United Can Always be Exterminated

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Had Qaddafi, through mass slaughter, managed to again gain firm control of Libya it would have been an ominous precedent that would influence events all over the world.

After the Chinese government reestablishment firm control following the Tiananmen Square massacre, protesters feared the same thing in their country as recently as in Burma. Protests in Egypt, even Wisconson, would have been affected if in recent memory there was a massive slaughter that put a dictator firmly back in charge again,

After the UN resolution, France quickly attacked rather than joining the US and Britain who were arguing with Qaddafi over whether he was following his self-proclaimed ceasefire,

Had Obama at that point not sent in US planes and missiles. Qaddafi and his old arch-enemy bin Laden would have ganged up on France with threats. Whether or not attacks on France followed it would lead to a world where there was a lot more backing down.

I want to thank Vietnam for invading Cambodia and ending the Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge bloodbath. When President Bush overthrew the Saddam dictatorship the US engaged in nation building and telling the world the US knew best, while in Libya President Obama is trying to get out of the leadership role as much as possible. Learning to “mind our own business” would be the wrong lesson to learn from the recent problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If one goggles “France declares war on al Qaeda” and vice versa, one will see that France has so far done a good job standing up to extremism at very little cost. When the US does something to combat al Qaeda it ends up helping inspire al Qaeda’s belief that it is bankrupting the West. France is spending less and less on military spending as it accomplishes more and more.

It so far has been succeeding in bringing the 5% of France that practices Islam into the French community to the extent that when terrorists held French citizens hostage demanding that veils be allowed in French schools, French Muslims marched in support of France,

Anti-Muslim hysterics in the US and elsewhere isn’t in sight in France. Rep. King and his domestic terror hearings couldn’t have happen in France. Peter King, after condemning a NY City mosque project by a US Muslim, Imam Raul, who participates in speaking tours sponsored by the State Department, and frequently condemns al Qaeda as a Cult-of-Death, Rep. King turned around and hysterically condemned US Muslims for not cooperating more with the FBI.

Qaddaffi faces war crimes charges as of March 3, 2011. Some sites claim the Qadaffi was ready to flee the country and this resolution got in the way.

Now Italy is trying to get coalition partners to now agree on amnesty and safe-haven for Qaddafi if he leaves, sparing any more dying in this war,

Some might say, what about “Hitler” but perhaps 90% of the holocaust could have been averted had Germany been allowed to sue for peace instead of facing the Nuremberg trials. Perhaps if war criminals were never punish some may interpret it as a license to do what they want. But nothing encourages oppress more than the combining of “Mind Ones Own Business” ideology with “No Appeasement” for criminals. Again thank you France. Thank you the US being helpful rather than under the Bush’s trying to be in charge.

Some claiming to be mad at US’s participation with the coalition in Libya may actually be worried about all the exaggerate stories we are getting about Iran and Syria, something that it is important to try to avoid. The lesson of World War I was supposedly “No Appeasement” the lesson of Vietnam and Iraq supposedly “Don’t get involved”. We always seem to learn the wrong lessons from history.

“The people united can always be exterminated” is fortunately, thanks to France and Obama, a lesson we don’t need to unlearn.