Kucinich and Ron Paul can save the US economy from collapse and starvation in the next 26 hours

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Four Lame Duck lawmakers, who want substantial cuts in military spending, will be out of office January 20. Normally they would already be out of office as Congress has its Christmas break. Instead they have more active maneuvering room, then the other representatives who have to be careful who they offend,
Bernie Sanders clearly shows his wait and see attitude on his Senate website,

He is especially strong on the need for Defense Cuts,


Throughout the years Barney Frank worked hard to cut the Defense Budget, So has Dennis Kucinich, Note how strong Ron Paul is on military cuts,



Rep. Raúl Grijalva, not a lame duck, is fighting particularly hard to cut the military, not social security


In the following link are the names of 37 other lawmakers who want defense cuts, and which jurisdictions they represent. I urge their constituents to thank them and encourage them to do more,


According to Veterans for Peace, the small cuts Obama offered in Defense Spending is a lie because it is based on projection spending, not last years spending,


Also it is important to read, Defense Lobby Wins,


I urge Rep.Dennis Kucinich to meet with Ron Paul and work out a joint Libertarian-Progressive-Democrat compromise budget. Then in the Senate Bernie Sanders meet with Tom Corburn to do the same.

If the budget isn’t in place  January 20, Jeff Flake could take Tom Corburn’s  place in the military cut cliff alternative budget negotiations.  In the House Jeff Flake was the most vocal against the embargo of Cuba. Since seniors are already stretching their Social Security check in more dangerous Mexico. Massive retiring to Cuba would greatly strengthen Medicare.

If Ron Paul and Kucinich don’t have an alternative budget deal by January 20, Justin Amash could take Ron Paul’s place, and Jon Kyl take Senator Sander’s place. Barbara Lee take Kucinich’s place.

A cancer is an uncontrolled growth. The fact that the military budget didn’t go down when the Cold War ended like it did when the Vietnam War ended may mean it is cancer. If so, the so called cliff is actually chemotherapy attacking the cancerous growth. Of course chemotherapy has a lot of unpleasant side effects.

If the Lame Ducks can cut out the cancerous growth there might be something called the United States over 200 years from now just like their still is a England, over 200 years from when the US tore away from the British Empire.

Note the lawmakers who realize the need for military cuts. Lets look at them as doctors who can treat a cancerous growth and urge them to do more.