The Day it Might be Too Late to Decide to Leave the Afghan War

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Sunnis and Shiites have been having problems for a long time, but when the US overthrew Saddam they became our problems. India and Pakistan had problems since both counties separated. Militants who hate India even attacking hotels in India. However no US military aid or US troops deaths followed, until a hotel in Kabul was attacked where businessmen from India were staying, and drone attacks by the US on the Haqqani Network in Pakistan followed.

Fast Forward

Many Americans resist the idea that the US is a Christian Nation, some who take Christianity seriously. Many Indians including some very religious Hindus resist the idea that India is a Hindu state, and the idea of a Hindu-Christian alliance would destroy a lot of dreams of what India is all about the way back to Mahatma Gandhi.

Some claim that al Qaeda won if US values are destroyed,
It seems a lot of values are being destroyed far beyond the US

Opposite results can come with a very little difference in time and place, if the US decides to get out of Afghanistan at this point, the Taliban will celebrate,

A week after the dollar dropped 20% in value, US troops and equipment would be held in hostage.

Ending aid to Pakistan and at the same time ending drone strikes would promote peace.

Ending aid to Pakistan the same week a military alliance with India was being negotiated might lead to Pakistan attacking before it is surrounded, and maybe even China involved on Pakistan’s side repeating world history back to World War I.


In Syria the world is getting used to atrocities commented in such away as to place the blame on the other side. The tensions is to the point between the US and Pakistan that provocations by disguised sources could very quickly make tensions worse.

I can and others can only speculate on potential disguised provocateurs.

However, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has been openly provoking tension. He says Pakistan is an enemy of the US as he urges aid for a rebellious province of Pakistan demanding independence, palling around with some of the rebels. Condemns Afghan President Karzai as he demands to be allowed to visit Afghanistan to investigate his accusations. Calls for a Hindu-Christian Alliance even urges Russia to be involved, right before Defense Secretary Leon Panetta went to India to work for more military cooperation.

Rohabacher’s provocations are widely reported in Pakistan and India and some interpreter Leon Panetta’s efforts for military cooperation as him responding to Rohabacher’s urging.

Rohabacher is an early and strong supporter of Mitt Romney the way Rev. Wright was a load of provocative supporter of Obama before Obama disavowed him,

Romney and Rohabacher,



Other supporting links,



Ron Paul is still fighting for the Republican nomination. I hope he and Democrats demands to what extent Romney supports the views of his shrill supporter, the way Obama was questioned about Rev. Wright’s shill support.

Off the subject I wish the millions in rent

for an airbase in Kyrgyzstan be instead paid for one year rent to keep Kabul autonomous the way Hong Kong was to China until recently and Turkish peacekeepers guard the city for a year. In a year perhaps Mohammed Omar, the Haqqani Network and groups in Pakistan might be dwelling on each other instead of Kabul, or they may accept lesser rent from Civil Liberty and the Women’s Movement for future rent.



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