It was hilarious watching The Daily Show last night. Frequently, Jon Stewart shows clips of Fox News reporters making fools of themselves. This time they sauteed themselves. They are convinced that the current cold front we have been experiencing has proven that global warming isn’t real. Stuart Varney and others are convinced that all the scientists who believe in global warming have their heads spinning right now.

That is of course completely wrong. Scientists have talked for years about how global warming can cause maybe a week or so of very cold weather in the winter, and sometimes even more than that. Remember in An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore, citing scientists of course, pointed out that global warming could actually interfere with the North Atlantic Current and put Europe into an ice age.  Don’t forget The Day After Tomorrow either, which although fictional was based on the scientific concept that global warming can actually lead to cold weather.  So the idea that global warming can lead to both short term and long term cold weather in certain places is not new among scientists, which also counters any arguments that believers in global warming have made up something to explain this cold weather event we have just experienced.

Even if global warming is not responsible for this cold snap, these reporters are still putting their really large feet in their mouths.  Global warming does not mean there will not be a cold day in the winter or even summer.  Scientists are talking about averages.  On average temperatures have been increasing.

The reasoning of these Fox News reporters reminds me of a Stephen Colbert segment where Mr. Colbert says it is cold out today and so there is obviously no global warming.  When these journalists say something parallel to the mockeries of Stephen Colbert it shows just how wacko they are.  Jon Stewart does not have to talk.  It is entertaining enough just listening them.

Unfortunately, many more Fox News viewers will buy into what they are saying, which makes their bogus claims not so funny. The question I have is whether these reporters on Fox News actually believe the claims they are making or are they just doing it to keep their viewers happy?