Huckabee Gigs with Hilltop Youth at Palestinian Heartbreak Hotel

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Mike Huckabee is a rippin’ guitar player fond of Elvis. He’s probably been to Graceland before, but today he’s in Settlerland.  Yesterday, he did a gig at the Palestinian equivalent of the Heartbreak Hotel, better known as the Shepherd Hotel, an East Jerusalem historical landmark expropriated by Israel and now ‘owned’ by American Jewish bingo king and settler financier, Irving Moskowitz. Huckabee’s "gig" was his live FoxNews show which he broadcast from the halls of "liberated" East Jerusalem.

If Mike Huckabee ever becomes president of the United States (heaven forfend!) we may have the first ever alumnus of the Hilltop Youth as U.S. ambassador to Israel. Or better yet, as U.S. secretary of state! All this by way of saying that a reader has graciously shared with me the travel schedule for the former Republican presidential candidate’s current visit to Israel:

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will visit Israel next week (August 17-19) to underscore his support for a united Jerusalem and for the right of Jews to live and build in Judea and Samaria.

His trip is sponsored by a settler wingnut outfit called the Jewish Reclamation Project, which is a front group for Ateret Hacohanim,** a U.S. registered non-profit which raises an average of $2 million each year used to displace Arab residents of Jerusalem and replace them with pro-settler Jewish fanatics:

His visit to Israel is hosted by The Jerusalem Reclamation Project and its Chairman, Dr. Joseph Frager. NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, will join also join the popular columnist and Fox News host.

Ateret is also handsomely supported by U.S. bingo king and settler financier, Irving Moskowitz. Hikind is a former leader of the Jewish Defense League, who now represents some of the most rabidly pro-settler ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Brooklyn. His wife, Shoshana happens to also be Ateret Cohanim’s U.S. fundraiser (surprise, surprise).

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