There has been much media since the U.S. financial crisis of 2007/2008. From the Federal to the State governments, budgets are evaluated, trimmed, and reevaluated. Cities and Towns are caught between taxpayers demanding retention of services and lower taxes as they, too struggle with effects from the sluggish economy.

One sector that has been greatly and repeatedly affected by these tax cuts is education. The cuts have come in the form of teacher pay, lessening of benefits, and even a reduction of spending on textbooks and supplies. Teachers as a whole have had to roll with the punches and figure out how to reuse the supplies they already have and look into ways to supplement their incomes. One truth, however, remains. Teachers still need books. Some are having success finding these through bulk book sales sites. Here are a few ways teachers and communities are working to provide books and other items that classrooms are in need of.

Parent Teacher Organizations

There is nobody that cares for students more than the parents of said students. When parents hear that teachers in their local school are struggling with funding for a classroom set of books, they often begin to form organizations with the intent of finding a solution to the problem. Concerned parents realize that without enough books, classroom learning will not be done well or easily. Some of these organizations work to host school fund raisers, while others work to lobby the local school districts, creating a united force to redirect more tax dollars back into their school. Schools today have hosted bake sales, carnivals, and even family movie nights in an effort to increase revenue.

Bulk Sale Sites

Some thrifty teachers have discovered the benefit of ordering through online bulk sites. With this type of shopping, many teachers have found that they are able to save up to 50% on classroom books. Bulk sellers offer a wide variety and often provide even more competitive pricing for those purchasing for education. With this type of cost savings, educators can be sure to have the books needed without having to reach into their personal funds.

Corporate Partnerships

Large corporations are always looking for ways to gain a more positive public image. One of the ways to do this is to partner with a local school or school district. Sometimes these corporations offer donations in the form of technology, funding, or even service hours spent helping students in the classroom. One benefit to the corporations themselves is the fact that they can often use the donations as a tax write off, and also gain positive public exposure and press.


Some schools, in working to increase their budget, are finding a benefit to collecting. By offering locations in which students can donate aluminum cans, newspaper or other recyclables, schools can earn money on these items. Students are also encouraged to donate box top labels, milk container lids, soup can labels, and sometimes yogurt lids because each of these can be redeemed for a small amount of money the school can use.

By being willing to use innovative efforts, parents, teachers, and communities are finding ways to purchase items needed for classrooms even while suffering from several years of budget cuts. The theory is that necessity breeds invention, and today it is necessary to think outside of the proverbial box in an effort to properly fund our schools.