#Occupy Erie Unplugged: Will Santa Gozstola Get There In Time?

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Have you heard about #Occupy Erie, Pennsylvania? Most probably haven’t, or, at least, are unaware of its 17-day history. We’ve come to know #Occupy NYC as the birth place and mothership of the #OWS Movement. We know about the criminal violence by cops against #Occupy Oakland. We know of the Constitutional victories against the bought and paid for by Wall Street governors and mayors by #Occupy Albany and #Occupy Nashville. We’ve heard about the horseshit left all over the place when cops finally arrested enough #Occupy Portland 99%ers to satisfy the mayor and then departed Jamison Park. We know of the meanness of police who demolished and trashed Occupations in Denver and Austin and bulldozed #Occupy Richmond, somehow finding law that permitted confiscation and destruction of the personal property of the arrested before trial verdict of innocence or guilt, and even of those not arrested nor charged with any wrong doing at all.

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