As we have experienced several times, the effects of egging on unbalanced followers is often a form of proxy murder, as recently happened to Dr. George Tiller, shot down in his church in Wichita, KS. The continuing efforts of those who insist they revere life to snuff it out are as revelatory as they are criminal. By their words is revealed the nature of this group of hypocrites; it is against the living, not actually pro-life.

A gynecologist who performs abortions in Tarrant County is the target of a vicious postcard campaign which lists his home and work addresses along with names of five of his staff members.

A News 8 viewer said the card ended up in mailboxes in Tarrant County late last week with a worrisome message. It calls the doctor and his five female staff members "heart-stoppers."

It goes on to say: "Living up to their motto, ‘No fetus can beat us,’ these guys are the experts at turning mothers of live babies into mothers of dead babies."

Also on the card: "They kill ‘em cheap and stack ‘em deep."

That the medical procedure in question is often a matter of life and death is as irrelevant to these ideological terrorists, as is the life of doctors who perform needed services to those whose lives are threatened.

These right wing beliefs are wrong-headed, as has been pointed out continually by medical professionals. The personal fixation on requiring those who have conceived to carry a pregnancy that is not viable presumes that fellow human beings are disposable and their interests should be subjugated to the followers of a particularly unfeeling belief system. Far more flawed pregnancies, of course, would be carried to term if a system existed of care that maintained children unable to care for themselves, but that doesn’t enter into the considerations of those that like to call themselves ‘pro-life’.

The disregard for life that underlies self-proclaimed ‘pro-life’ activism is revealed by the outbursts like this postcard campaign in Ft. Worth. Reverence for life is not a characteristic of any group that instigates violence against any one holding another belief that is opposed to their own.

Instigating murder for a belief system is terrorism. It finds life to be without value, as long as the life belongs to some one who is different from them. Pro-life murder is more akin to criminal insanity than to a religious system.