A fat survey arrived in the mailboxes of a purported 2 million seniors who have been put on a mailing list that caters to elderly right wingers. The ‘Christian Seniors Association’ is raising funds for what it says is the purpose of lobbying against President Obama and AARP for their ‘socialist’ agenda.

Under the name of Christianity, this is what this organization says those they labeled as malefactors have done to damage their idea of America;

The government taking over most of the U.S. auto industry.

The government taking over some of America’s largest financial institutions.

Continuing efforts to force government-run (Socialist) health care on America — which has failed in every country it’s been tried.

Moving to create millions of brand new voters for President Obama by legalizing millions of illegal aliens.

Adding TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to our national debt (which our children and grandchildren will be paying for the rest of their lives).

Using the regulatory power of the Federal Communications commission (FCC) to shut down conservative and Christian radio (under an Orwellian definition of creating "fairness in broadcasting.)

Packing Ametica’s courts with ultra-left

anti-Christian ACLU-style judges who are using their power in our courts
to erase every last trace of America’s religious heritage

from American public life.

It’s incredible that this pack of lies is being spread in the guise of conducting a Christian agenda. This is a Christianity totally devoid of anything that characterized the teachings of the Christ this evil bunch pretends to worship. Guess that’s the largest lie they’re telling those seniors that were targeted for their vile message.