Watching This Week today on ABC was a bit of a shock. When Sen. Corker (R-TN) simply said that the figure he was giving for what the government should spend in total is 18%, while member of the catfood commission Bowles says 21%, and that if we take a figure somewhere in the middle, we’ll get the "right" figure, is an admission that he is telling lies. He knows the figure he is using will need to be corrected and has no embarrassment in admitting that he is misinforming anyone who listens to him.

CORKER: Well, I think one of the things we need to do — I’ve heard Laura talking about investment — is as a country, we need to decide, how much should the federal government spend? On average, it’s been 20.3 percent over the last 50 years. I heard Erskine Bowles the other day say 21 percent. But I think much of our debate goes to little issues that really divide our country, but that needs to be the first issue. How much should the federal government take in from the private sector? Once that decision is made — I might say 18 percent. Erskine may say 21 percent. Maybe the right number is someplace in between. But after that decision is made, what is the appropriate tax policy to generate economic growth?

This isn’t exactly news, of course. Listening to right wing talking points over the past several years, it’s obvious that they aren’t believable. There were never any "death panels" in health care proposals. The president is a citizen, and has a Hawaiian birth certificate. The fundamentals of the economy as it melted down were not sound. There were not any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when we invaded, and our intelligence community had eliminated the possibility that actual sales of "yellow cake" had been conducted.

Frankly, the purpose of wrong information from the right has constantly been winning victories over correct and accurate information, with no other reason than that our best interests are being served by the progressives who are telling the truth. The party that wants to do a bad job can only lie to get elected, because the progressives are honestly trying to inform and represent the public interest.

It remains a mystery to me why the candidates who are able to tell the truth because they are doing the right thing aren’t able to capitalize on it. Telling the public that they are constantly given the lies of the right wing in order to get their votes against their own interests seems like something we really need to press home, over and over.