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Rush gives marching orders

There was always something really strange about the President following a formerly unexciting procedure of asking to address a Joint Session of Congress, being sure enough it was on to announce it, and then have the carpet snatched out from under him.

Watching the Ed Show last night, it appeared that the High Priest of the right, Rush Limbaugh, issued the orders.

Having determined that the elected president that the right wing does not like would be issuing a rational and much needed call for legislators to act in the interest of the public they’ve sworn to serve, the High Priest screamed that it must not be so.   The uppity president must not get this opportunity to show any meritorious service, and must be stopped.

Naturally Rush minions in the Congress saw the light, and refused the permission the president had received in advance, showing their usual regard for the public by putting a clown college debate ahead of jobs in their lexicon.

For a moment, the congressional leaders almost had passed up an opportunity to show its disrespect for the public, and head off any program that benefits workers.   It was that close.

You jobseeking kids git offa Rush’s lawn.