Black-eyed peas for New Year's

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Intrigued by learning yesterday that many families have a custom of having pork with sauerkraut for New Year’s meals, I did some research into some of the traditions I’d never practiced.   Pork was new to me, and then I came across the belief that pigs root forward, so it’s about beginning the year looking forward.    Luck is associated with cabbage, as well, which seems to be part of the sauerkraut’s being included.

Incidentally, fellow FDL members, including msmolly and JMLagain,  tell me it tastes wonderful, too.

Black-eyed peas, as we talked about yesterday at Pull Up A Chair, are to many a symbol of good luck – in my family because they were the food poor folks eat so were supposed to win sympathy from the baby new year.   For others, I’ve heard, they are round, so indicate coins.   As part of that tradition, there is often a dish of greens, the color of money and meant to attract more of the same.

In a compilation of the traditional foods of the New Year, I ran across several others, and one is of cakes and cookies that were served at holiday open houses held in the early days of the country.

That open houses attracted too many party crashers quickly put an end to them, it seems.

Happy New Year to you all, and if you’re in the neighborhood, I’m serving black-eyed peas (with bacon seasoning), and you’re welcome.   Of course, you might have trouble finding the place, like the delivery truck drivers.   But if you do, please bring cookies.