Ritual figures


For several previous art posts, I’ve been putting up examples of art works preserved from the first century A.D. from the Central American/Caribbean region.   While we know little about the cultures these represented, they have been preserved in various collections which the Smithsonian has acquired.

There are many reasons for collecting art, and one of them is to keep the treasures from the past from being lost.   No doubt, some hopes for profit are also present, but let’s be positive, and be glad these particular artworks will be on view for the descendants and inheritors of the past.

Today, I’m putting up several more, for your enjoyment and for us to appreciate.   While the displays include some tributes to those who brought these works to their collection, the museum does not cover over the fact that these were not legitimately their own to share.   The Smithsonian has a difficult task, to collect and to share with the ages, and does it well.

Incense burner, Rain God figure


Mayan period Pot


Ceramic figure


MesoAmerican bowl of First Century, in Mayan design