Thanks to masaccio and his wife, on our trip to Chicago I was able to visit the wonderful collection of art from the PreColumbian collection at the Chicago Art Institute along with fellow traveler ‘spudtruckowner’.   We all discovered it together, a bit away from the classical art section and full of surprises for all of us.

Today I will post several of the art objects in that collection and the next few weeks I’ll put up some more, with the descriptions given them there.   These are excellent, and I couldn’t improve on them.

These figures are from Remojadas culture, named after the area where it has been excavated and consisting of an archaeological time around 100 – 800 BC.

Figurines portray deities, rulers, and commoners, as well as many types of animals including dogs and deer. Of particular note are the curious childlike Sonrientes(smiling face) figurines and faces.

Seated Ruler, 200-500 A.D.