Papaya smoothie

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Mango cut up

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Central America produces a lot of the fruit we eat, and some we would enjoy if we knew more.  Walking through the towns of Belize City, and Copán Ruinas, I noticed that many little side of the road shops offer a variety of fruit drinks and have tried several. Yesterday I got a large cup of watermelon juice, and recently have had mango slurpee and papaya milk shake,

Bananas are a major product here and we pass trucks loaded with them often, yesterday drove by a Chiquita facility with the loaded trucks all turning down their driveway.  Pineapples also turn up everywhere, and are grown locally all around.

Each morning at the amazing hotel - Casa de Cafe – I visited at Copán Ruinas, I got a big plate every morning with breakfast, full of locally grown, freshly cut, fruit of all those kinds I just mentioned, and had to turn down the juice as it got to be more luscious fruit than I could eat.

I was introduced to Soursop while having the fresh local food at Blue Creek, Belize, and it’s fleshy and nice, but I’ll take papaya if given the choice.

If you are from the tropics you may be wondering why the hell I chose the soursop over the mango. Well I’ve always loved the soursop fruit because like most of our fruits its fleshy and juicy but the “fleshiness” of the soursop is in a whole different league. However this is not what gave it the winning edge for me. I only recently discovered that this fruit has the ability to fight cancer cells. Research as shown that it effectively targets the damaged cancer cells in the body to kill them and leaves normal cells completely unharmed. These other fruits are great, but soursop kills cancer.

Since so many of us northern climate people come here and enjoy the fruit especially, I’ve decided we were meant to be a migratory species and not always stay in one placed.

Eating local is always good, and I’ve found out from being where a lot of tourists are having a meal that you’ll get a full plate of goodies if you ask for the enchilada instead of hamburgers when ingredients natural to the scene work in enchiladas, and the burgers are not normally home folks’ choice.

Tree beside pupuseria I stopped in probably is mango


Bananas growing in garden where breakfast was served, Copán