No Jobs For Americans at Heinz

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No Jobs for U.S. workers declares Bill Johnson, CEO at Heinz, on Wall Street Journal Report last Saturday

Last Saturday, the CEO of Heinz, best known for ketchup production, told Maria Bartiromo that Heinz will not be hiring Americans this year (at 3:55).  The reason he gave was the ‘uncertainty’ produced by the ‘inability’ of the government to decide on really important things such as the tax rate his business will pay.  He announced at the same time on the same program that Heinz will be opening facilities and hiring in other countries, and concentrated on China where they make soy sauce.

When you go to any fast food restaurant, you are likely to see his product in little packets.  When you visit the grocery store you will find that Heinz enjoys vast amount of that vital shelf space.   You are quite likely to have some of Heinz products in your home as well.

Fortunately, I have no taste for ketchup, so I am not a supporter of the services that are not giving any jobs to U.S. workers until the government gets with their program.  I just checked, and my sweet relish (wonderful with ham sandwiches) is store brand.   There will be no Heinz products in my home again, ever.  . . . Read the rest of this entry →