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Job Bonanza: Drill the Whales

5:10 am in Uncategorized by Ruth Calvo

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The present right wing obsession with EPA as the enemy has created a number of ugly sights.   Some of them are the destroyed landscape that fracking has produced.   The other is the political faction that will promote the most obvious lies to excuse decrying the population that prefers scenery to fumes.    It’s almost funny to watch the results, here with Rand Paul insisting that asthma is the result of clean air, and pollution its cure.

Long, long ago and far, far away, the land we’re now fracking had lots of space and scenery, and, as schoolchildren, the now-aging population sang about ‘purple mountains’ majesty’  without a sneer about tree hugging.   Along came the family car with its network of highways, and we started to ruin it.

When the auto industry was young, it was necessary to choose the fuel that all of us would use to power the new mode of transportation.   Whale oil was getting a bit shaky, vegetable oil interfered with food production, but beneath the earth there was this slimy waste product nobody wanted, it was cheap because it was a nuisance.

Texans knew of the oil that lay beneath the ground in the state for decades, but this was often seen more as a problem than a benefit because it hindered the digging of water wells. Rancher W. T. Waggoner, who later became an influential oil businessman, struck oil while drilling for water in 1902, and was quoted as saying “I wanted water, and they got me oil. I tell you I was mad, mad clean through. We needed water for ourselves and for our cattle to drink.”[21]

The auto manufacturers tooled up to use fossil fuels.   On the side, oil drilling became another boom, and wells obliterated whole communities as people discovered that instead of dirt farming, they could drill in their dirt. Read the rest of this entry →

More Dog and Pony Show on Illeguls

7:45 am in Uncategorized by Ruth Calvo

Seems like down at the levels below national leadership the troops of the right haven’t gotten the message yet.   The campaign is over, and enough voters went for it, time to drop the brouhaha about immigration before they have to do something real, even serious, about it.  There are lots of second generation potential voters they will lose, as well.

Kentucky voters went for a Senate candidate who opposed the 14th amendment because it exerted federal law against shop owners who didn’t like folks with dark hues, then denied he really meant it.   Now the local political animals want to animate that bunch in their own cause.   As an incentive to join in the hating, they’ve introduced a law that rivals Arizona recidivism in sending the police out to harrass people who don’t look like standard fare.

The bill, filed by Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, also creates criminal charges for smuggling illegal immigrants and “aiding and abetting” illegal immigrants.


“For example, seasoned law enforcement officials report that once they are forced to take on immigration enforcement, they believe immigrants, with whom they have established a degree of trust, will be afraid to report crime to them or help solve it,” Delahanty said.

The police are particularly overburdened since they’ve had their numbers cut by budgetary issues everywhere.   They don’t need to be recruited involuntarily into local hate groups.

Farmers Branch, TX, stretched its own budget gaps by the litigation it had to fight when it required rental agents to act as immigration enforcers.   Those unintended consequences of hate even extend to the social security system, since untold millions are paid in which cannot be claimed by workers who lack  proper documentation.

That hate drive got out the voters, time for the lower tier politicians to join in letting it go, because it will cost them.  At the national level, they’re on to a big ticket item, Big Oil’s favorite ‘jobkilling’ environmental protections.  By fouling the air the local office seekers can get much better returns than sending their constabulary after dark-colored folks.