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Right Wing Way of Dealing With Debt

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Going all out for ...?

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‘Right wing concepts’ seems oxymoronic, as watching the officeholders brought in by 2010′s intense advertising of a nonexistent jobs program gives a whole new meaning to negotiation.   In the winger viewpoint, it seems that incivility and outright hurling of insults is the appropriate way to run the U.S.

The encounter with Rep. Joe Walsh that Martin Bashir hosted on his show at MSNBC yesterday has been styled as a triumph of the right by several wingnut sites.   That’s amusing to some one who actually watched it, and circles around Walsh’s refusal to back off his accusation that the president lied.   The ‘Liar’ charge the right likes to hurl out seems particularly inappropriate as they change stances daily on what faces this country if their threats to end U.S. financial stability creep toward accomplishment.

The teaGOP congressman from Illinois joined Bachmann in denying that right wing refusal to act now in order to avoid U.S. default on its debts in any way threatens the financial stability of the country.

“President Obama, quit lying,” said Congressman Walsh. “You know darn well that if August 2nd comes and goes there is plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover all social security obligations. And you also know that you and only you have the discretion to make those payments.”“I know you have a willing media that protects everything you say and do, but have you no shame sir? In three short years you have bankrupted this country and destroyed job creation. You are either in over your head, don’t understand what makes this country great, or are hell-bent in turning us into some European big government wasteland.”

Like other words from the right of the former GOP, Walsh’s statements draw on a large and dependable reservoir of ignorance among voters that was plumbed to great effect last November.   The right’s huge victory in 2010 was brought about by massive claims that it would bring jobs to voters, and indeed it did bring jobs, but only to newly elected officials who now are destroying the workers’ rights.

Calling the president a liar is yet another evidence of the new tactic of incivility that seems to thrill followers while obscuring bases of actual fact.   As Bashir pointed out, earlier statements – about President Obama’s winning because he is black, and of pushing ‘that magic button’ as an articulate black man – by Walsh indicate that nothing the president says will convince him, not because of being wrong, but because it comes from the man that the right is determined to beat by any means it can.

The present right wing officeholders are following a pattern we saw not long ago, in Tom DeLay, whose behavior lowered standards to a point that the then Speaker could feel comfortable with.  I have watched CSpan covering floor fights in the House that were remarkably reminiscent of barroom brawls, with name calling and defiance of behavior standards flaunted as if they did credit to the brawlers.

When decorum is ignored, the country loses dignity.


The tactic of refusing normal manners when dealing with the person in office that they’re determined to remove is one that, regrettably, I’ve seen before.  Senator Ralph Yarborough, progressive Democrat from Texas, was refused seating with the Democratic contingent at the 1960 presidential nominating convention that put John F. Kennedy into the candidacy for, then the office of, President of the U.S.   (Lyndon Johnson was Texas’ preferred candidate, while Yarborough supported JFK,)  When he physically pushed himself into the seated area, he was encountered by pushing and shoving to keep him out.  When I went to work for Yarborough a fellow Texan scorned the choice, on the grounds that he behaved deplorably in public.   It was impossible to explain then, as it is now, that countering deplorable behavior towards him sometimes made scenes.

No, I don’t expect to see the president shoving anyone back.   Sen. Yarborough grew up in a household that included eight brothers.



Son of Hope, Arkansas; Huckabee, That Other Son

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Brother Huckabee Peddling His Book

Finding that yesterday was a day Brother Mike Huckabee would be signing books in the area, I decided it might be a good time to ask a question of the candidate in person.   With all the flap about his despicable remarks to the effect that our president grew up in Kenya and was raised with MauMau influences, it seemed appropriate to ask about the influences that formed this kind of viewpoint.

I had an obstacle in that first I needed to buy the book he’s promoting, but since my elderly mother turned into a wingnut at the same time that she became unstable/senile, I had an object .   Better that she listen to the recorded ideology of the Huckster than other drivel she could listen to from the Palins and O’Reilly’s out there.  And there are worse, that come over her local ‘telephone tree’.

The clerks at the store where he was to appear were being inundated with calls about the signing, which the local news in typical fashion had announced on the wrong day and time.   The clerks also were steaming because a long list of the candidate’s needs had been sent to them, which they were expected to accommodate.    The worst nuisance to their mind was that they were told to get out and get him his favorite beverage at the time he would be there, as his staff couldn’t handle that themselves.

I have been to a few book signings before and this one was rather typical.   We had been given numbers previously, and at a time before the candidate arrived we were lined up in order of the number given.  Standing in the line, I got regaled by a nearby fellow sufferer with his views on presidential candidates, which included that the Huckster isn’t bright enough for the office; the book is for his wife.

Then the candidate’s bus arrived, and sat for about a quarter hour outside before Brother Huckabee breezed in with his entourage.   A few local celebrities took up about five minutes, then we began to be ushered through at a fast clip, as the signing went really quickly.   My number being over 60, I had thought it might take as much as an hour if more than a minute was alloted to each purchaser.   Silly me.
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Gohmert Plays Manchurian Baby Card

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It isn’t often that a true loon can find his way onto national television, so it’s almost understandable that Louie Gohmert is holding hard onto his Manchurian baby card. Calling the dastardly wannabe terrorist mommy out has spurted this habitue of the closet onto a big stage, and he’s making full use of all three rings.

Last night, Anderson Cooper treated Gohmert to questions that assumed the congressman would have solid information to go with his accusations. To those who’ve been appalled by Gohmert’s fact-free spiels over many years of watching congressional proceedings on C-SPAN, it is no surprise that what he actually produced was a gripe about having to answer questions.

"You’re attacking the messenger! Anderson, you’re better than this, you used to be good… you used to find that there was a problem and go after it," said Gohmert. "You listen. This is a problem. If you spent as much time looking for evidence as you’ve spent belittling me, you’ve spent this whole week belittling me."

Actually, the video speaks for itself, which is more than you can say for Gohmert.

Manchurian Babies Attack!

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All indications that the campaign to take over America is on, and there is nothing too stupid for the right to use in driving its voters over the cliff. Now it’s the accusation that terrorist babies are being bred for the U.S. maternity market.

Put that jacket with the wrap-around arms back down. There are candidates that crazy out here in flyover country. It’s not just that citizenship in the country taken over in the 1600′s by northern Europeans can be recklessly offered to babies whose parents arrived later than then. It’s that we could have a production line impregnating wannabe terrorist mothers and dumping them on our doorsteps, according to the wingnuts seeking office in the Loan Star State.

Riddle warns of an elaborate terrorist plot to have foreign mothers give birth to babies in the United States, who will then be trained to destroy America once they come of age. In her animated appearance on CNN, Riddle defends the baby conspiracy plot despite admitting she "doesn’t have the hard evidence on hand."

A few choice exchanges between Cooper and Riddle:

Cooper: But you have no actual evidence.

Riddle: Other than former FBI folks.

Cooper: Can you tell us who these former FBI folks are, what evidence they have or what evidence they’ve shown you?

Riddle: At this point I’m not going to reveal that.

Cooper: You say some former FBI agents have talked to your office. Have they given your office some facts or actual proof?

Riddle: That information we are still gathering.

Gathering proof shows that there isn’t anything too daft for the conspiracy theorists digging hard for votes to dream up. A secret agent told me; I can tell he’s a secret agent because he’s dressed to look like one of us. These fiends among us will stoop to anything.

You know those wily terrorists are even stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, (step on a crack, break your mother’s back), showing their extreme malevolence against mothers, and probably apple pie too. Maybe I should run for crossing guard, so that I can stop the dreadful violence against mothers.