On January 9th, Occupy Boise took a message about Citizen’s United and the general scuttling of Democracy in the U. S. to the Idaho Statehouse. It was the day of Idaho Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter’s State of the State address. This marks the official start of the Idaho Legislature – which meets in Boise for 3 or so months in winter.

It is the biggest day of state political pomp each year. Legislators, lobbyists, and those who fancy themselves to be politically connected converge on the ornate Idaho Capital building — dressed to the nines. Ladies in teetery heels click-clack up several flights of marble steps. Men in immaculate suits pace the halls, flashing quick smiles when they recognize one another.

Occupy Boise Pic 87 from Katie F

Occupy Boise Pic 74 from Katie F

“Democracy” is an art figure companion at the encampment. Citizen’s United took a cleaver to his heart. But the Occupiers are keeping the faith.

Occupy Boise Pic 75 from Katie F

Democracy was carried to a Capital entrance. Papers were checked by a State Trooper. Democracy was registered as a “Display”. But there was official concern that he was not freestanding enough to be a real display, or he might take up space where someone else could be standing.

Occupy Boise Pic 67 from Katie F

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Phew! After some discussion, Democracy was allowed to pass through an entrance to the rotunda.

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It looked like the State troopers may have been headed to some kind of color guard ceremony … The long guns appeared to be fake.

After reflection in the rotunda on the state of the country, everyone moved up several floors, to the hall outside the Chamber where the Governor was speaking. A gilded George Washington, and a Nike of Samothrace replica, looked on.

Occupy Boise Pic 72 from Katie F

Occupy Boise Pic 57 from Katie F

Idaho Governor Butch Otter (center) leaving following the state of the State address.

Occupy Boise Pic 59 from Katie F

Occupy Boise Pic 85 from Katie F

Hooray for the Boise Occupiers!

Occupy Boise Pic 49 from Katie F

PS: Mickey Mouse boots work well on marble, too.