Pat Buchanan is a racist, white supremacist intent on stoking racial hatred. There has never been any doubt of this, and throughout the confirmation process of Judge Sotomayor, he has repeated his unvarnished white supremacist views at every opportunity.

This is not about his anger at affirmative action, a policy that seeks to rectify past, persistent and continuing patterns of racial discrimination. You either agree on the need for this rebalancing or you don’t.

No, Buchanan’s argument is different, because he believes that non-whites are, as a matter of sheer, unadulterated prejudice, not entitled to equal treatment. He made that clear last night in this exchange with Rachel Maddow.

He starts with the opinion that Sotomayor is not qualified and that Obama’s choice of her was "affirmative action," just as the promotion of other non-whites could only have occurred, which he sees as "reverse discrimination against white males." Apparently, there are no qualified non-whites. But then this exchange occurs:

Maddow: Why do you think it is that of 110 Supreme Court Justices we’ve had in this country, 108 of them have been white?

Buchanan: Well, I think that white men were 100 percent of the people who wrote the Constitution, 100 percent of the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence, 100 percent of the people who died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, probably close to 100 percent of the people who died at Normandy.

This is been a country built basically by white folks in this country who were 90 percent of the nation in 1960 when I was growing up, and about 10 percent were African Americans who had been discriminated against.

It’s hard to find a clearer statement of white supremacist racism, even though Buchanan tries to argue he only wants "the finest minds you can get" on the Supreme Court.

Even if you ignore the historical revisions, the willful ignorance of the huge contributions made by everyone, the obtuse failure to mention hundreds of years of slavery, another hundred years of lynchings and Jim Crow, and the continuing demonization of non-whites/Hispanics as unAmerican or "illegal aliens," his core message is that white men are entitled to hold political power in America, and white men should be angry if anyone else wants a piece of that.

And whether you see him actually believing this dangerous nonsense or cynically stoking and exploiting the anger of others who do, there’s no doubt he’s exploiting his privileged MSNBC perch to stir up racial hatred. He’s said he means to do that.

So why is MSNBC promoting this? Yes, promoting. They’re not just occasionally interviewing their dear "Uncle Pat" to find out what whacko extremists are saying; they’re actively promoting him, every day, and night after night. And this is the same MSNBC that was condemning Reverend Wright for weeks, showing endless loops of video clips and urging their hosts and guests to characterize Wright’s views as unacceptably anti-white.

MSNBC knows that Buchanan has engaged in such racist speech throughout his career. The producers of MSNBC’s political news/commentary shows must be convinced that they can attract more viewers and sell more advertising if they feature an unabashed white supremacist as their featured "conservative" panelist. They don’t care that this must be deeply offensive to huge numbers of Americans; those viewers apparently don’t matter. We don’t matter.

There is no escaping the conclusion that MSNBC has a deliberate policy of promoting racism and white supremacy and that it thinks it’s just fine that Buchanan is deliberately agitating racial hatred by white males against all non-whites (and apparently all women), especially when those non-whites succeed in achieving political power.

Buchanan’s views and the media’s blatant promotion of them are a big part of the reason why racism and racial hostility persist. But legitimizing such attitudes is precisely why we get 5 to 4 Supreme Court decisions pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

What is MSNBC’s excuse for aggressively promoting such hateful views? And why should we continue to watch them?

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