ABC’s This Week just couldn’t stand the thought that fair and balanced Fox News was being picked on by the White House. So it invited “Foxy” (is she Ms. April, or July?) Laura Ingraham to balance out a center-right panel that still allows George Will to appear without a truth squad.

That’s right, Paul Krugman wasn’t there, because it’s unfair to embarrass ABC and George Will when he’s exposed as a fraud, and it unbalances the panel with too many facts.

Laura wasted no time. First on health reform and the public option, she dismissed the Washington Post/ABC poll that found, as numerous polls before it have for months, that a strong majority of the American people supports a public option. We can ignore the results of these scientific polls, she explained, because callers into her show are all worried about what Fox tells them to worry about, like government takeover of health care, Obama’s deficit spending, and so on. So she managed to dismiss numerous scientific poll findings and replace them with Fox “reality” in one sentence. Wasn’t that the White House’s point?

She castigated Charlie Gibson for not echoing all the Fox self-manufactured hype about Acorn — which she reminded us, Obama “cut his teeth on,” while Will proclaimed that no Administration in history had less reason to complain about media coverage. No one blinked as that whopper flew by. Is it possible George Will has never watched Fox News?

Then Laura proved why it was so critical to have Fox always represented on other media panels when she used most of her time defending Dick Cheney’s abandonment of Afghanistan. At this point, I turned off the sound (so I missed Will “dithering” Cheney), but given the Fox reality, I can imagine the reason Dick did that was so that we could drive al Qaeda from Iraq so bin Laden wouldn’t get his hands on Iraq’s WMD. Last I checked, that strategy has succeeded beyond our wildest nightmares, since al Qaeda is now in Pakistan which doesn’t have too many WMD — just a few nukes guarded on some base by our reliable allies, the Pakistan Army. Ah, but we’re not focused on strategic blunders of the century This Week.

So ABC invites a Fox News Princess of Propaganda onto its show, and she promptly proves the White House point that Fox is not a news organization but rather a propaganda wing of the conservative movement waging a permanent vendetta on any Democratic President, but especially this “happy Negro,” (or is he just a whitey-hating racist?) all liberals, liberal activist groups and liberal values — like making sure everyone gets decent health care. And nobody blinks.

But hey, it’s all fair and balanced and now we get to watch it on ABC and get just as many insights as we’d get watching the Fox All Stars.