Senator Unprincipled Opportunist (I. Conn) outdid himself on Fox News, and of course, with Chris Wallace, there was no one to challenge the lies.

Remember, this is the same Senator Unprincipled Opportunist who previously told us we should not do health reform now, that we should put it off until the economy fully recovers. Now he tells us we have to do health care reform now to reduce health care costs and because we have millions of people uninsurerd. Apparently, that uninsured problem just happened.

Then Senator Unprincipled Opportunist claims that his biggest concern is the growing national debt. That’s why, he continues, if there is a public option in the reform bill that CBO has repeatedly said would save money and lower the annual deficits, and would save even more if it were strengthened, he would never allow his colleagues to vote for it, thus killing a bill that pays for itself and that he says is essential to reduce health care costs.

And Chris Wallace never blinked an eye.