On CBS’s Face the Nation, Senators Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mitch McConnell and Jay Rockefeller illustrated that there is no possibility of a decent health reform bill passing in the dysfunctional US Senate until they blow up its undemocratic rules.

There are likely 50+ votes to pass some version of the current Senate bill with a weak public option with a state opt out. There are likely 50+ votes to pass the bill with a Medicare buy-in for those aged 55 to 64. The Senate has already provided 54 votes against Senator Nelson’s tighter restrictions on abortion funding. There is strong support for the "CLASS" provisions for long-term care.

The only thing preventing the enactment of the bill is the Democratic leadership’s unwillingness to use procedures on the democratic and Constitutional principles of majority rule. And refusing to use those principles means that unprincipled opportunitists like Joe Lieberman have veto power over any bill to reform our inhumane health care system.

On Face the Nation, President Ben Nelson said he would veto a bill that did not sufficiently restrict abortion funding; President Unprincipled Opportunist Lieberman said he’d veto a bill that contained even a weak public option, a limited Medicare buy-in, and the "CLASS" Act. Senator Mitch McConnell could hardly contain his glee; he boasted that President Nelson and President Lieberman gave the 40 Obstructionist Republicans the power to kill health reform.

And make no mistake: if the issue wasn’t the public option, or the Medicare buy-in, these unprincipled opportunists would find some other excuse to be the scoundrels they are. This is not about specific features of health reform; it’s all about them.

Senator Rockefeller essentially said he didn’t know what to do about the fact that Presidents Nelson and Lieberman had health care reform by the throat.

Cut their balls off, Senator. Take the veto out of the hands of these irresponsible scoundrels. You know what to do, and we know you know what to do. Do it, or don’t ever ask for our support again.