[Updated to add Grayson video.]

I voted without hesitation for Martha Coakley, this morning. The choice was a no-brainer, between someone who actually sees the world in 21st century terms and a cynical buffoon whose views are at least a century out of date — and they were wrong even then — and whose party will keep moving backwards with his help.

The corporate vs public concerns, as important as they are on this blog and in my own posts, become essentially irrelevant when you have such a stark difference in world views and intellectual outlook.

If Brown is elected, either because voters want him or they want none of the above for various reasons, will be a major setback for our state. Even the most sincere reasons won’t matter, and none will be advanced, in my view, despite their hopes.

The cold reality is that Massachuessets will be represented by someone from the conservative-Republican freak show, a dim-wittted, dishonest clown. The choice we have, as opposed to the choice we’d ideally like to have, was a simple matter of a citizen’s obligation not to let that happen.

Some folks, including those from other states, are happy to advise us to withhold support for Coakley, because they want to teach Obama, or Harry Reid or me or someone a lesson. Save it. When you have a choice between someone who actually cares about people and has worked to protect the victims and prosecute the villains of our society, and someone who can’t tell the difference, you don’t "send messages." You vote the public interest advocate in and keep the morons out. It’s that simple. If you want to support someone better next time, fine; but don’t bother me with writing in someone else on election day, and don’t saddle us with an idiot in the meantime.

Despite the bad weather, the AP is reporting heavier turnout than the primary – all the attention paid to our little state has apparently helped, though I can’t tell how much. My own polling place in Somerville, MA, near the "T" about half-way between Harvard and Tufts, saw a steady trickle of voters about 9:30 a.m. when I voted, and I watched from the nearby old-fashioned diner ("Best of Boston," they boast) as the stream continued for the next hour.

It was snowing lightly earlier this a.m.; the flakes are larger now, but still gentle, and it’s actually pleasant to be out. The forecast is for more of the same through out the day.

The line of about 20 people at my polling place was 2/3 to 3/4 women; that’s encouraging, I think. They seem to understand that a century of progress on women’s rights is at risk. This is Rep. Mike Capuano’s district, and this is a multi-ethnic neighborhood mixed with lots of academic/professional types. Most Coakley activists I’ve seen at neighborhood efforts and heard from the several calls I’ve received were women.

But you can have dinner at the local Italian restaurant where many of the long-time locals gather; there the atmosphere is different, and the topic at the bar has been whether their local state rep would survive a DUI charge. It’s a different world.

The Coakley folks could still use more callers to help in their GOTV efforts. Blue Mass Groups explains how you can make calls from your cell phone. Other posters have listed how you can help whom to call, but here they are again via another post:

Find a phone bank near you.

If you’re in Massachusetts, they still need people to canvass all day Tuesday.