Short Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: "Gosh, a majority of us would like to do this public option thing, and we’re supporting a process in which majority rules, but darn it, we can’t figure out how something that could reduce federal deficits by $25 to $120 billion over ten years could possibly be relevant to budget reconciliation."

I can only assume that Ms. W-S’s closest friend is being held somewhere by interrogators advised by John Yoo. Otherwise I cannot account for her.

Bonus tutorial: Senator Harkin explains that reconciliation has been used repeatedly to introduce or expand public health insurance programs. Huh.

On the other hand, Senator Harkin apparently believes that amending the unpopular Senate bill by including the persistently popular public option would doom the bill, because, you know, that’s how the Senate thinks.

So he argues on the Ed Show that the public option can’t be included in this reconciliation, since it doesn’t have the votes, because, you know, Senators like Harkin who support it won’t insist on it or vote for it. Oh.