I’ve been wondering why the Obama White House would agree to have the President of the United States meet with a group of BP executives. Making sure BP’s senior execs understand US expectations and their responsibilities is one thing, but this company is facing potential criminal investigations, so getting to meet with the POTUS doesn’t feel right.

On a completely unrelated note, it turns out that the largest BP shareholders are Wall Streets mega corps, like TBTF JP Morgan Chase, BlackRock, etc, all BFFs at the White House.

From the website AllGov:

In the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP’s stock value has plummeted, prompting news stories identifying the company’s largest investors. Oddly enough, some media outlets have failed to identify the largest BP shareholder: the U.S. investment firm JPMorgan Chase, one of TBTF banksters who received bailout billions.

According to the European financial database Amadeus, JPMorgan Chase is the No. 1 holder of stock in BP. That distinction also has earned the Wall Street bank the title of “Global Ultimate Owner” of the oil giant, as it owns 28.34% of BP. Next, at 7.99%, is Legal and General Group, a British-based financial services company with assets of more than $350 billion. Another U.S. investment firm, BlackRock Inc., owns 7.1% of BP. Other owners include the governments of Kuwait, Norway, Singapore and China.

Anyone curious about whether Jamie Dimon has made any calls to the White House recently, after reading his BFF wants to cancel BP’s dividends?

John Chandley, who wonders about this stuff but is certain the grownups will do the right thing.

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