And I would have mentioned Afghanistan and Iraq and climate change and health care . . . in the title except I ran out of room.

Where is all this mindless happy talk and patriotic gibberish coming from? Americans should be ashamed of what they’ve allowed to happen to their country over the last decade and furious at those who misled them.

Dan Senor, former Bush official and neocon apologist, is a man who can’t get any of his economic facts straight, and he wasn’t even asked whether his boss’s upaid for $3 trillion wars, with tax cuts and drug plan might have some connection to the debts he now finds so offensive.

In a segment not shown in the video, Senor also expressed relief that most of the Beltway Serious People castigated Republican Party Chairman Steele for suggesting it was delusional to try winning a land war while nation building in Afghanistan. I regard it as a sign of hope that after 9 years of predictable failure, even disingenuous, clueless people can see maybe there’s something wrong here.

Senor’s relief arose from the Beltway consensus that American soldiers should continue their wars without end and should not use a general’s candor as an excuse for asking, "what the hell are we doing there?" Like all ostriches, he believes that if everyone’s head is in the sand next to his, there’s no problem.

Meanwhile, the New York Times comes back from covering a Congressional campaign in Ohio with a headline that Democrats will find it hard to win in November without Obama at the head of the ticket. Huh? Yep, nothing like a President with dismal approval ratings on the issues Americans most strongly care about to buck up the ticket.

Nowhere in the article does the reporter interview anyone who recognizes the Democrats are in trouble because the White House and Congressional Leadership can’t grasp the simple message that the economic crisis is now, with 15 million unemployed, not three decades from now.

The day before, the Times told us the White House is split over it’s priorities, having an internal debate about recovery versus deficits. Are you kidding me? That’s the same confusion that has seized the mind of the next likely House Minority Leader (see Steny Hoyer’s Third Way speech).

Let’s make this simple: When you have 15 million people unemployed, the right policy, the right politics and the official strategy is supposed to be, "spend now for jobs and to save essential services at the state/local level, and then after the recovery, deal with whatever long-run deficit reduction a recoved economy requires." But apparently that’s not simple enough for the anonymous cowardly leaker in the White House still reportedly "debating" the Administration’s and Party’s priorities — i.e., he’s on the wrong side again, wrong politics, wrong policy. Why do these people still have jobs?

The American people are hurting, the economy is stalled, and that problem needs unfocused attention and absolute priority, not more rhetorical doublespeak from the President.

It might also help if the White House could reread the Constitution and note that government is supposed to be responsible for government functions. Pawning off rescue and recovery efforts in the Gulf to a criminal corporation whose interests are not and never have been aligned with the public interest and effectively giving them police powers is not what democratic countries do; it’s what corporate fascism does. I’m sorry this is so awful, and you’re going to take a hit as long as its killing the Gulf, and it’s unfair just because it all happened on your watch, but you asked for this job, so quit passing the buck and do it.

We have two unending wars still killing and maiming people for no good reason, making zero progress towards still undefined goals with only a tenuous remaining link (in Afghanistan, not Iraq) to the reasons we went there. But the Times tells me we’re unable to finish building the only sewage treatment plant in Fallujah 7 years later.

The republic is in serious trouble. It’s been in decline for a long time and it could easily get worse if we continue to tolerate the clowns trying to sink the economy to regain power. Why are we arresting Russians?

The party in charge can’t lead without someone with more vision and drive at the top, while the party that wants to take their places has been seized by cynical, mendacious nuts.

The only fireworks visible now are our nation’s leaders on both sides setting themselves on fire. Anyone who can’t see we’re literally in a world of hurt wins the Dan Senor Head in the Oily Sand award for the week.

John Chandley

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