"Never Mind"

On Monday night, President Worse than Hoover urged all good Americans to call Congress and demand they “balance” egregious spending cuts with a few tax increases that we would not call tax increases, arguing that if you change the taxation of hedge funds, it’s okay to cut Social Security.

On Wednesday morning, after the CBO reported that neither the Reid cuts-only plan nor the Boehner cuts-only plan would cut as much as each claimed, both men announced they would work to make their respective cuts-only plans even worse by adding even more cuts only.

In response, President Emily Litella told his supporters, “never mind!” He’ll now propose to combine Reid’s awful plan A with Boehner’s godawful plan B, and we’re good.

After this, it’s probably prudent to assume the only people who still accept anything this President says may well be Pod People. Check under your beds.