Occupy Lexington (Photo via Curtis Morrison, Louisville Courant)

The following post was written by Curtis Morrison, one of the original 65 arrestees from the TarsandsAction demonstrations last August in front of the White House.  Curtis has also been following the status of the occupations in Kentucky and sent me the following post, reprinted here from the site Louisville Courant. Scarecrow

Police Raid Occupy Lexington

After 118 days of continued protest on the corner of Main St and Esplanade, Lexington, Kentucky police, under the supervision of Mayor Jim Gray, came by Tuesday between 12:30-1 PM and confiscated occupiers’ tents and canopies.

The police brought more trailers than they needed. All in all, it only took 5-10 officers to confiscate the property. No arrests were made and they left no officers on the scene.

Protesters were allowed to save what personal items they could quickly grab and throw in the back of Ford Ranger belonging to a huge longtime supporter, the owner of Natasha’s Bistro on Esplanade.

According to occupier Steven Burt, the police have been less than cordial over the course of the occupation.

“They’ve complained about our sidewalk chalk. They’ve said we were dirty and we looked disgusting,” Burt said.

Occupy Lexington is located adjacent to a 14-story Chase JP Morgan bank, on the sidewalk. The rumor is that the raid was justified by Lexington police because the protest was on the sidewalk,but that leaves protesters puzzled since that had been the case for 118 days.

Passing motorists are honking and making eye contact just a few hours later, a show of solidarity that is lacking today from Mayor Gray.

“We’re not going anywhere. We’re needing solidarity from our supporters tonight though,” says Stacie Catlett.

A General Assembly (GA) is planned by the occupiers for 6:30 PM tonight at the site.

Curtis Morrison