video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerI’m surprised it has taken so long for American politicians to realize that the surest way for the nation to reach energy independence is to annex neighboring oil-producing countries that have extra oil to sell and just keep it for ourselves. That is effectively what one of Mitt Romney’s potential VP picks, Paul Ryan, suggested while lecturing President Obama about “gimmicks” that cannot lower gasoline prices.

Here’s how this works: All you need to do is approve more oil pipelines to carry oil from the Canadian tar sands all the way to refineries along the Gulf Coast where the refined products will be sold to world oil markets just us Americans.

From Ryan’s appearance on ABC’s This Week:

“Let’s open up the Keystone pipeline to bring Canadian oil into our country to dramatically reduce our dependency on foreign oil. It creates jobs here in America. It lowers gas prices, increases supply, ” said Ryan.

“And just by passing this legislation, you’ll improve the prices in the futures market, because you’ll see that all this new American-made energy is coming online. Unfortunately, the president is standing in the way of all of those kinds of reforms, and so he’s resorting to what I call these sort of policy gimmicks that in the past really haven’t done a whole lot to change the outcome.”

The “gimmick” Ryan was referring to is having western nations actually or threaten to dip into their strategic reserves as a means to signal to oil markets that higher oil prices cannot be sustained. So, according to our wannabe future VP, you can’t affect current prices or futures for the next six months by doing something that could actually increase supplies very quickly, but you can influence near term futures prices by promising to increase supplies that won’t reach markets for several years. How could anyone argue with that?

It’s on a par with the argument that by relieving the bottleneck at Cushing by building the lower part of Keystone, thus allowing surplus supplies in the middle US to reach the Gulf Coast and hence world markets, it will lower prices from Denver to Chicago. Sure it will.

But the part I like is where we get to make Canada part of the US, and then this “new American-made energy” is sold only to the US. I assume the President informed the Canadians of their new status as an American colony, possibly during an inadvertent open-mic session with the President of Mexico.

I have to believe this has all been worked out with both Canada and Mexico, who will voluntarily join us, because I’m certain the US would never attempt to use force on a regime just because it possessed large oil reserves. And both parties threatening war and/or economic isolation against the 4th biggest producer doesn’t affect prices either. Nah.

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