Sherrod Brown on Cenk: President Obama Has a Loud Microphone

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I swear, there are days when I think we’re led by Pod People.

On Cenk’s MSNBC show tonight, he opened with a recap of the Tea-GOP atrocity in Wisconsin, explaining how this was an assault on workers and the middle class and a threat to the country. We’re with you, Cenk.

He then turned to Ohio’s Senator Sherrod Brown, usually one of the more sentient humans in the US Senate, and asked — or should I say pleaded with? — Brown to explain what, if any, strategy Congressional/Senate Democrats had to push back on the radical Tea-GOP jihad against government, workers, and everything else Democrats have achieved and stood for.

Cenk’s reaction was a “then we’re doomed” expression when Brown’s first response is that we have a President Obama with a [loud] microphone.

I’m not sure how you can tell whether your Senator has been replaced by a Pod Person, because, you know, they sorta look and talk the same. But I suspect one of the hints might be when the first thing they say when asked how America is going to fight back against and survive the insanity of the Tea-GOP assualt on America, they tell us to calm down and trust Barack Obama.

Expecting the same Obama who sold out on tax cuts for the rich, the Public Option, Gitmo, torture investigations/prosecutions, and coddling TBTF banksters, etc, to rein in the Tea-GOP is, uh, not reassuring.

In just the last three months, Obama undercut Schumer on limiting the tax breaks to those over a million in income. He undercut Schumer again today by making sure that when the White House’s corporate staff sits at the table with the crazies who would destroy the economy and 70 years of progressive governance, the Tea-GOP will not even be asked to consider raising revenues, let alone taking back the recent gift tax breaks for scofflaw corporations or wealthy Americans.

In the meantime, Walker’s Wisconsin, by forcing benefit “contributions” from state employees, is effectively imposing an 8 percent income tax increase on school teachers and other state employees. That’s not a general increase in taxes for everyone; it’s just one imposed on state workers.

A dozen or more other states will now follow this “solution” to their states’ budget crisis. Tax a select part of the middle class; spare the rich. What a non-Pod Senator should be saying is that a responsible President and Congress would explain “shared sacrifice” to hedge fund managers with billion dollar paydays. And a responsible President and Congress should take on that burden of getting states through the recession as a federal obligation, since it was the banksters’ housing bubble and the total failure of federal financial regulation, and not state worker wages, that tanked the national and state economies.

There are simply too many White House betrayals, broken promises, secret deals, dashed hopes, disingenuous dodges, stupid blunders (or were they deliberate?), insults to supporters and every element of the Democratic coalition, including America’s working class, to list here. FDL writes about them every day.

So is Senator Brown honestly expecting this President to lead us? Not a chance. Only Pod People still think America’s working class has a President on their side.

So far, no Democrat in Congress has the courage to say this. Are they all Pod People, or are they just dazed and terrified? We are still waiting for the first courageous Congress Person to clear her head, to stand up and say, “this President is destroying the Party and through design or incompetence, he’ll let the crazies destroy the country. We have to let go, and start fighting back.”


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